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Some like it hot and I’m not averse to a bit of bask­ing my­self on holiday. But if there’s one topic that gets me hot un­der the col­lar it’s ... sunbed use.

From the mo­ment some­one en­ters my stu­dio, I can tell a few things in­stantly just by glanc­ing at their skin and the most no­tice­able crime writ­ten all over your face is us­ing sunbeds.

A sun­tan from your holiday is very dif­fer­ent from one bought in a shop. For a start, the sunbed tan has a dull matt colour that zaps the life from your skin.

It leaves it look­ing dull, parched and life­less which is the most dif­fi­cult skin to work with.

Make up tends to sit on its sur­face and takes far longer to set, so mak­ing it last for a wed­ding be­comes a tricky job.

The skin be­comes so de­hy­drated, al­most like a brit­tle layer on top, which doesn’t want to let prod­ucts pen­e­trate. It just sits on the top.

If you are dead set on hav­ing a tan and don’t want to fake it, at least only fry your body and cover your face.

I can match the colours but your face will still have some life about it.

When I try to ex­plain the dam­age sunbeds are do­ing to young girls, they don’t want to hear. They don’t re­ally care be­cause they think they’ll have per­fect skin and be 20 for­ever.

They think their 30s and 40s will never come. Guess what? They do and I’ve seen some hor­ren­dous UV dam­age that would shock you.

In fact, I posted an ar­ti­cle on my Face­book page re­cently about a woman who was hav­ing so much surgery from skin cancer that she was left was holes all over her face.

Is it worth it? Have a read on Face­book - Laura Daw­son MAKEUP for the full ar­ti­cle and you de­cide.

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