Scrump­tious straw­ber­ries are rel­a­tively easy to grow

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Ever Ev­ery­body loves stra straw­ber­ries. These scr scrump­tious and fre fresh fruits are re rel­a­tively easy to g grow and are a g great sum­mer treat.

Why set­tle for any­thing le less when straw­berry pl plants are so easy to gr grow and can be done in th the com­fort of your own ga gar­den.They are also such grea great value too. As well as grou ground grown straw­ber­ries the pop­u­larpo plants can be equally as happy in a hang­ing bas­ket or a con­tainer which is per­fect if you have lim­ited space.

It’s bet­ter to pur­chase young plants now from the gar­den cen­tre so that they have time to ma­ture re­sult­ing in a more plen­ti­ful sup­ply of fruits in the sum­mer.

The big­gest prob­lem some peo­ple have when grow­ing straw­ber­ries is plant­ing them cor­rectly.

Straw­ber­ries are one of the few plants that need to be planted with their crowns vis­i­ble (the part where the leaves emerge from the base of the plant) so that they do not rot and die.

If you’re plan­ning on grow­ing your straw­ber­ries in a con­tainer or hang­ing bas­ket just fill it with a general multi-pur­pose com­post and wa­ter the plants in well.

For a bumper crop of juicy straw­ber­ries, feed and wa­ter your plants reg­u­larly through­out the spring and sum­mer and make sure your plants re­ceive lots of sun­shine.

Dur­ing the grow­ing sea­son straw­ber­ries pro­duce long stringy off-shoots called run­ners which are minia­ture clones of the main plant.

This process is to in­crease the quan­tity of straw­ber­ries plants pro­duce as the plants only pro­duce fruit for about three to four years. There­fore to in­crease crop yield snip these off to en­sure the plant puts all its en­ergy into pro­duc­ing fruits, al­though you can let one or two grow on so that you can have more plants for the fol­low­ing year.

Pick straw­ber­ries when they are bright red in colour all over as this is when they are tasti­est and eat them fairly quickly as they do not keep for too long.

If you’re in the gar­den cen­tre in the next few weeks try look­ing for va­ri­eties such as ‘Cam­bridge

rTh Fa­vorite’, ‘Ho­neoye’ and ‘El­santa’ as they have worked best for me.

If you are look­ing for plants or any fur­ther tips please just con­tact me via my web­site.

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