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Could your drinks be caus­ing you to gain weight?

Drinks are of­ten forgotten when it comes to keep­ing a tally of food in­take but many of them are laden with sugar and calo­ries.

Not all drinks are cre­ated equal! Here’s a run­down of top tip­ples, and some tips for stay­ing on track.

There’s noth­ing quite like catch­ing up with friends over a cof­fee or a glass of wine – it’s a bril­liant mood boost and a lit­tle treat, too. But if you want to lower your sugar in­take, you might need to have a think about your drinks. Cut­ting back could sup­port your weight loss, but it will also make a big im­pact on your health.

And while plain wa­ter still rules as a re­place­ment, it’s not your only choice. Here are some of the op­tions your body will thank you for: Wa­ter It’s not just a zero calo­rie op­tion– wa­ter plays a big part in keep­ing you healthy by help­ing you stay hy­drated. Flavoured wa­ters of­ten have added sug­ars so look out for the sugar free op­tions or stick to slices of fresh lemon or lime for flavour in­stead. Tea Green and black teas are packed with cat­e­chins, which are an­tiox­i­dants that can help pre­vent cell dam­age. Unsweet­ened black tea won’t set you back any SmartPoints or calo­ries and counts to­wards your daily fluid in­take. Veg­etable juice Need an easy way to get your 5-a-day? Veg­etable juices are full of nu­tri­ents and low in calo­ries. Make your own or find a favourite at a juice bar – just make sure it doesn’t have added sug­ars or salts. Skinny latte Milky drinks can help main­tain bone health, which is bril­liant for women over 50 who may be sus­cep­ti­ble to os­teo­poro­sis. A skinny latte made with skimmed milk con­tains 80% of the cal­cium nu­tri­ent in­take, so it’s great for health. Many cof­fee shops have a “skinny” milk op­tion th­ese days. Low-fat choco­late milk When you’re work­ing out at a mod­er­ate in­ten­sity, you prob­a­bly don’t need that sports drink. But one study found that low-fat choco­late milk is as ef­fec­tive as a sports drink for replenishing mus­cle en­ergy stores af­ter ex­er­cise – and it’s lighter in Weight Watch­ers SmartPoints, too.

I use pow­dered co­coa and add al­mond milk for a sugar free healthy op­tion. It’s also my favourite com­fort drink! Unsweet­ened al­mond milk The lat­est very pop­u­lar healthy drink op­tion, it can be used in cof­fee and tea and is great in por­ridge. There are also many recipes in which it can be used as a re­place­ment to cow’s milk

Do you need to make changes? If so then your lo­cal Weight Watch­ers meet­ing can help you get on track and give you the sup­port you need.

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A glass of wa­ter re­mains your best bet for los­ing weight

Ad­vice Fiona Pe­di­ani

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