Pos­i­tive thought can lead to weight loss

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Do you see your­self as a pos­i­tive per­son?

Be­ing neg­a­tive can be very drain­ing and can af­fect not only your men­tal well­be­ing but also your health and how you feel phys­i­cally.

Pos­i­tive peo­ple tend to make smarter choices when it comes to eat­ing, drink­ing, and life­style.

Make your health a pri­or­ity, stop telling your­self what you “can’t do” and re­place that neg­a­tive thought with a pos­i­tive one. Tell your­self that there’s noth­ing you can’t do and you might just end up be­liev­ing in your­self.

Ev­ery­one needs some moral sup­port whether it’s from friends, fam­ily or from a Weight Watch­ers meet­ing. Our mem­bers help and sup­port each other and there’s noth­ing more mo­ti­vat­ing than be­ing with suc­cess­ful, like-minded peo­ple who share the same goals.

Neg­a­tiv­ity breeds neg­a­tiv­ity, so don’t com­plain about some­thing. Either find a way to change it or learn from your mis­takes and move on.

See your glass as be­ing half-full and not half-empty and you are off to a good start.

This week’s recipe:

Ice-cream rasp­berry rip­ple cake

One flan case, medium (18cm) Nine sponge fin­gers 500g low fat ice cream, slightly soft­ened

300g rasp­ber­ries crushed plus 100g ex­tra to dec­o­rate 100g marsh­mal­lows Line a deep, loose-bot­tomed 18cm (7in) cake tin with cling film.

Trim the raised ridge from the flan case so that you have a flat cir­cle of sponge.

Drop the sponge cir­cle into the base of the pre­pared cake tin (dis­card the trim­mings).

Halve the sponge fin­gers and line the edge of the cake tin with them.

Spoon the ice cream into a bowl and very gen­tly push the crushed rasp­ber­ries in.

Chop a third of the marsh­mal­lows and add them to the bowl.

Mix ever so slightly so that you have a mar­bled ef­fect.

Spoon into the cake tin and level off the top. Re­turn to the freezer for two hours or un­til needed.

To serve, care­fully re­move from the tin and peel away the cling film. Place on a serv­ing platter, scat­ter with the re­main­ing marsh­mal­lows and the ex­tra rasp­ber­ries and serve.

Sweet dreams Fiona’s ice-cream rasp­berry rip­ple cake

Stay pos­i­tive Fiona Pe­di­ani

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