Re­former read­ers are a good laugh

We ask what your favourite joke is?

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Thou­sands flocked to Scot­land’s cap­i­tal this sum­mer to hear a funny tale or two.

And last week, a one-liner about an or­gan do­na­tion was named the fun­ni­est joke of the Ed­in­burgh Fringe Fes­ti­val.

Ma­sai Gra­ham from West Bromwich won with the gag: “My dad sug­gested I reg­is­ter for a donor card, he’s a man af­ter my own heart.”

And as the fes­ti­val ended on Mon­day, the Re­former took to the Main Street to find out what some of our read­ers’ favourite jokes were. First up was Ruther­glen’s Cathy Clark. “An Amer­i­can, an English and a Scot­tish cou­ple are sit­ting at the breakfast ta­ble.

“The Amer­i­can hus­band says to his wife, ‘pass me the honey, honey.’

“The English hus­band says to his wife, ‘pass me the su­gar, su­gar.’

“And the Scot­tish hus­band says to his wife, ‘pass me the milk, ya cow’.”

Sandra Ma­son, also from Ruther­glen, told us her favourite: “Knock-knock. Who’s there? Dis­ease. Dis­ease who? Dis­ease trousers fit you?”

Ruther­glen mum Lisa Reilly had a cou­ple of good gags. “What’s brown and sticky. A stick.”

“What do you call an Egyp­tian taxi driver? Toot and come oot.”

Seven-year-old Darcy McGuire and her dad Dougie were en­joy­ing ice cream on Ruther­glen Main Street when they made us chuckle.

“Pa­tient says: ‘Doc­tor, doc­tor, I feel like a pack of cards.

“Doc­tor says: ‘Sit down and I’ll deal with you later’.”

Doc­tor, doc­tor, I feel like a pack of cards. Sit down and I’ll deal with you later. Darcy McGuire

Pass me the milk Cathy Clark

Doc­tor, Doc­tor Darcy and Dougie McGuire

Knock-knock Sandra Ma­son

Toot and come oot Lisa Reilly

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