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It’s a good idea to bleed your home’s ra­di­a­tors ( to re­lease trapped air) be­fore start­ing to use the cen­tral heat­ing again.

Ra­di­a­tors con­tain­ing trapped air are hot at the bot­tom but cold fur­ther up, so they’re not giv­ing off as much heat as they could. Bleed­ing them is easy – sim­ply put a ra­di­a­tor key or small screw­driver (depend­ing on the type of hole) into the bleed valve on the ra­di­a­tor and care­fully open the valve to let out any air – you should hear the air es­cap­ing.

Close the valve when liq­uid starts com­ing out. This job can be messy, so pro­tect the floor­ing un­der­neath the bleed valve and have a cloth to hand.

Don’t bleed ra­di­a­tors when the heat­ing is on, or when the heat­ing is off but the ra­di­a­tors are still hot, and don’t leave a ra­di­a­tor unat­tended while you bleed it.

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