In re­sponse to Mrs C S Smith’s let­ter (lib­eral democ­racy, Jan­uary 4), it is full of per­sonal opin­ion but de­void of facts in sup­port of her at­tack on Ni­cola Stur­geon.

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I have to make as­sump­tions as to what the mat­ters are that prompt her opin­ions as she doesn’t spec­ify any of them other than Stephen Dais­ley.

The demon­stra­tion out­side the BBC build­ing in Glas­gow dur­ing the in­de­pen­dence ref­er­en­dum was not or­gan­ised by the SNP but was a spon­ta­neous event in re­sponse to a re­port by po­lit­i­cal jour­nal­ist Nick Robin­son.

In Robin­son’s re­port on the news about a ques­tion and an­swer event with Alex Sal­mond, he said he asked Sal­mond a ques­tion to which he did not an­swer. The fact was that Sal­mond gave a full and de­tailed an­swer. Robin­son has since apol­o­gised for it.

Where is the ev­i­dence that Ni­cola Stur­geon or the SNP want to con­trol the me­dia? Mrs Smith does not give any. The BBC by its very na­ture is a part of the es­tab­lish­ment and will al­ways present or re­port the es­tab­lish­ment point of view at all times.

The clue is in the name: The Bri­tish Broad­cast­ing Cor­po­ra­tion.

Other me­dia like the Daily Mail, Ex­press, Tele­graph and Sun will pro­mote the party that they sup­port, the Tory party. Read the English edi­tions of those pa­pers to find the un­truths, dis­tor­tions and gen­eral in­sult­ing con­tent they print about Scot­land and our gov­ern­ment.

Stephen Dais­ley, who is a po­lit­i­cal jour­nal­ist, in­tro­duced his po­lit­i­cal bias into his pieces. You would be hard pressed to find Bernard Pon­sonby, the BBC’s Brian Tay­lor and other good jour­nal­ists do­ing the same. If Dais­ley wants free­dom to ex­press his po­lit­i­cal point of view he should be­come a colum­nist or per­haps bet­ter un­der­stand the rules and prin­ci­ples of jour­nal­ism.

The ban­ning of foot­ball songs, I as­sume, is ref­er­ence to the Of­fen­sive Be­hav­iour at Foot­ball Act. Some songs de­serve to be banned, like the Famine Song and oth­ers. I would doubt Mrs Smith would con­sider their singing an ex­pres­sion of free speech.

Be­sides the songs are not the sole in­ten­tion of the act. I note that Po­lice Scot­land are in­ves­ti­gat­ing the case of Celtic’s ‘su­per­fan’, a Down’s Syn­drome child who has been the vic­tim of on­line trolls on so­cial me­dia.

Again, I as­sume the state mon­i­tor­ing opin­ion refers to the named per­sons pro­pos­als. The judges who re­cently ruled on this mat­ter did not re­ject the prin­ci­ple of the leg­is­la­tion, only cer­tain el­e­ments of it.

This will now be taken into ac­count by the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment, amended and re-in­tro­duced.

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