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Deared­i­tor It’s no se­cret that this year Vera Lynn had her 100th birth­day.

What is less well known is that, as a young girl, she came to Glas­gow with a band, as their singer.

Her folks were not happy for her to go into lodg­ings with the mu­si­cians - per­haps they were thought to have a bit of a rep­u­ta­tion.

One of her neigh­bours in Lon­don had a rel­a­tive liv­ing here in Ruther­glen, so Vera was sent to stay with Mrs Macdon­ald in Re­gent Street in the Burgh.

She didn’t even get a bed to her­self, but had to share with one of the daugh­ters of the house.

The story has al­ways been passed down and is still part of the fam­ily an­nals.

E Sav­age via email Look­ing for Mary Would some kind reader of the Re­former know the where­abouts of a close friend of mine called Mary Lehmann?

We were work col­leagues but un­for­tu­nately I lost con­tact with her.

If you know her, could you ask her to email me at Name and ad­dress sup­plied

Sec­ond in­dyref will be a “to­tal dis­trac­tion” A sec­ond ref­er­en­dum so soon af­ter the last one is a to­tal dis­trac­tion for Scot­land and, like the last one, will be hugely di­vi­sive.

The SNP case for in­de­pen­dence is in­creas­ingly fee­ble – but one car­ried out in the shadow of Brexit would be a recipe for to­tal chaos.

Ni­cola Stur­geon claims she speaks for Scot­land on this – she doesn’t!

Scot­land spoke for it­self only three years ago when it gave a re­sound­ing “no” to break­ing up the United King­dom.

The SNP have spent the last three years claim­ing that every­one else ex­cept them had been go­ing on about an­other in­de­pen­dence ref­er­en­dum. Now it is crys­tal clear that the SNP are a one trick pony de­ter­mined to pur­sue sep­a­ra­tion from the UK re­gard­less of the cost.

I have spo­ken to many hun­dreds of peo­ple on the doorsteps around

Ruther­glen and Cam­bus­lang in re­cent weeks. The vast ma­jor­ity of them are heartily sick of the word “ref­er­en­dum”.

The SNP are us­ing the Euro­pean vote as an ex­cuse for an­other ref­er­en­dum. I and many oth­ers strongly re­sent that – we voted to stay in Europe not to break up Bri­tain. It is par­tic­u­larly ridicu­lous when the sin­gle big­gest group of peo­ple in Scot­land vot­ing to leave the EU were SNP sup­port­ers.

Lib­eral Democrats are the only Party with a clear de­ter­mi­na­tion to stay in the UK and to stay in Europe. Coun­cil­lor Robert Brown Ruther­glen South

Labour has given up on South La­nark­shire Now that the full list of can­di­dates for the lo­cal au­thor­ity elec­tions on May 4 has been pub­lished, it is ob­vi­ous that Labour are not even try­ing to re­tain con­trol of the ad­min­is­tra­tion of South La­nark­shire Coun­cil (SLC).

Af­ter Bound­ary Com­mis­sion changes there will be 64 councillors in SLC.

To gain con­trol would re­quire 33 can­di­dates to be elected how­ever, Labour are only field­ing 32 can­di­dates. Even if they were all elected, which is not go­ing to hap­pen, they would not have over­all con­trol.

For in­stance they are field­ing three can­di­dates in Ward 20 - Larkhall and have no chance of three be­ing elected there, plus many doubts in other wards.

The aim is clear – an­other Labour/ Tory coali­tion.

Given the dam­age that Tory aus­ter­ity from West­min­ster has caused to the most vul­ner­a­ble peo­ple in South La­nark­shire, we would doubt whether that is what vot­ers want.

Un­just sanc­tions be­ing used to stop ben­e­fit pay­ments, the roll out of Uni­ver­sal Credit which has been a dis­as­ter in pilot ar­eas re­sult­ing in peo­ple be­ing with­out in­come for months, clo­sure of job cen­tres which are sup­posed to help the un­em­ployed back into work, the ear­lier bed­room tax etc. – re­mem­ber if you vote Labour this is what you will get; a Labour/Tory run coun­cil.

How about if you vote Tory? You can­not avoid me­dia cov­er­age of Brexit and Ar­ti­cle 50 be­ing trig­gered by the prime min­is­ter.

De­spite a size­able ma­jor­ity of peo­ple in Scot­land vot­ing “re­main” in the Euro­pean ref­er­en­dum last June we are now faced with ne­go­ti­a­tions not only to take us out of Europe but also out of the Euro­pean sin­gle mar­ket.

Im­par­tial eco­nomic ex­perts have warned of the dam­age this will do to the econ­omy with the re­sult that there will be less money avail­able for pub­lic ser­vices.

Do you re­ally want Labour and Tory back in bed to­gether in South La­nark­shire caus­ing prob­lems for our res­i­dents es­pe­cially the most vul­ner­a­ble who need the most sup­port?

Al­ter­na­tively you might con­sider vot­ing SNP.

No-one in Scot­land pays the dis­grace­ful bed­room tax thanks to the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment pro­vid­ing ex­tra fund­ing to coun­cils.

The new so­cial se­cu­rity sys­tem be­ing planned by the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment with the lim­ited pow­ers de­volved to Scot­land will have an em­ploy­a­bil­ity scheme which is sup­port­ive and vol­un­tary.

There will cer­tainly be no sanc­tions used.

Thirty-seven SNP can­di­dates are stand­ing in South La­nark­shire, enough to take con­trol of the ad­min­is­tra­tion of the coun­cil.

Th­ese can­di­dates are a mix of ex­pe­ri­enced sit­ting councillors and vi­brant, en­thu­si­as­tic new can­di­dates all of whom passed an ex­tremely rig­or­ous as­sess­ment to find those who can best sup­port their con­stituents when they have prob­lems.

An SNP ad­min­is­tra­tion will in­volve com­mu­ni­ties in de­ci­sion mak­ing, pro­vide fund­ing at lo­cal level for mat­ters im­por­tant in each in­di­vid­ual ward and op­pose West­min­ster Tory aus­ter­ity in ev­ery pos­si­ble way. Sheena Ward­haugh De­pute leader of SNP group

Packed like sar­dines on Ruther­glen trains I had to laugh when I read ScotRail’s 10 busiest train ser­vices didn’t seem to in­clude trains go­ing through Ruther­glen in the morn­ings.

Per­haps they think as it is only a short jour­ney we can put up with be­ing packed into their car­riages like sar­dines.

I won­der how much longer we would be forced to put up with it if the trans­port min­ster or ScotRail bosses were forced to put up with the same treat­ment each morn­ing.

I sus­pect not that long at all. Anne Mclaugh­lin Ad­dress sup­plied

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