Should Clyde FC have signed Good­willie?

Dis­gust that con­tro­ver­sial star is on team

Rutherglen Reformer - - News - Edel Ke­nealy

Peo­ple in Ruther­glen are amongst the foot­ball fans who have called on Clyde FC to drop David Good­willie.

The Re­former re­ported last week that the com­mu­nity club had signed the striker months af­ter a civil court ruled he had raped a young wo­man.

In Jan­uary he was or­dered to pay Denise Clair £100,000 in dam­ages for the sex­ual as­sault in 2011.

Shop­pers in Burn­side this week ex­pressed their dis­gust at Clyde, which was es­tab­lished in Ruther­glen.

Keith Tay­lor said: “It’s out­ra­geous. It’s to­tally wrong, Clyde should be ashamed.

“I have fol­lowed foot­ball all my life and I can’t be­lieve they would do that. I think it’s highly ques­tion­able and it does the image of Scot­tish foot­ball no good what­so­ever. It sends out the wrong mes­sage to young guys tak­ing up the game, that they can do that and get away with it.”

Ian Clark­son said: “I’m not a foot­ball fan but it shouldn’t be hap­pen­ing. It’s not fair on the girl it hap­pened to.”

Irene Gor­don agreed: “How would you feel if that was your daugh­ted? You wouldn’t like it.”

John Gilmour said: “It shouldn’t be al­lowed. I’m a foot­ball fan, but not one of his. The fact he was found guilty in court of some­thing so se­ri­ous means he shouldn’t be given an­other chance. What ex­am­ple does that set for other peo­ple?

“Clyde is a com­mu­nity club. A lot of young play­ers play on that pitch would love to be in his position as a foot­baller.”

It’s out­ra­geous. It’s to­tally wrong and Clyde should be ashamed Keith Tay­lor

Irene Gor­don What if it was your daugh­ter?

Ian Clark­son Not fair on the girl

Keith Tay­lor Clyde should be ashamed

John Gilmour I’m not a fan of him

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