Binge­ing on Easter eggs is re­ally no yolk

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Easter time. A time we think of a few things like hol­i­days, Lent, and at the top of that list – Easter eggs.

I have given up choco­late for Lent, and have to say I have sur­prised my­self at how well I have coped.

The good point is stay­ing off the choco­late does help me in main­tain­ing my weight loss, and on the Weight Watch­ers SmartPoints plan, it means that when Lent is over, I am able to en­joy it again, as part of my plan.

But if I’m not care­ful, then scoff­ing away at the end of the six weeks, could undo all the hard work I have put in.

Easter eggs look so small, and invit­ing, but there is loads of sugar and too much of a good thing sadly is not good if you are keep­ing an eye on the waist­line.

On the SmartPoints plan, you have a daily al­lowance to use as you wish, and eat any­thing you fancy, as no food is off lim­its on this plan.

You also get a weekly al­lowance to use again as you wish, so if I re­ally want, I can still have that mag­i­cal Easter egg.

My daily al­lowance is 30 SmartPoints, and to put eggs into con­text, a Cad­bury’s Wispa egg plus three Wis­pas at 296g comes in at a whop­ping 73sp.

And if you fancy more than one egg, then two Cad­bury’s mini eggs Easter eggs, 130g each egg is a whop­ping 70sp.

So, do you re­ally want to eat all those eggs?

Yes, some of you will you en­joy them and I always ad­vise mem­bers to have what they en­joy, but in mod­er­a­tion. If you want to en­joy Easter with the fam­ily, then just re­mem­ber there are other things you can do to en­joy and cel­e­brate.

Go out for a meal with the fam­ily. This will last longer than an egg. A lot of meals, us­ing the WW Eat Out guide, or the fab App, can give you an ac­cu­rate SmartPoint value for that meal in your cho­sen restau­rant.

Buy some lovely fresh flow­ers in­stead, or for the kids, what about a new Easter T-shirt in­stead of that ex­tra egg?

So, here is a fun way to keep your Weight Watch­ers plan on track over the Easter hol­i­days...

E - Eat sen­si­bly through­out the week.

A - Ac­tiv­ity can earn you ex­tra

Stay in con­trol Michelle says it is im­por­tant to eat Easter eggs in mod­er­a­tion if you want to keep your weight off SmartPoints.

S - Save your weekly al­lowance for those so­cial oc­ca­sions.

T - Track ev­ery­thing you eat and drink on a daily ba­sis. E - En­joy a lit­tle of what you fancy. R - Re­sist temp­ta­tion if it’s go­ing to take you over budget.

E - E-source can sup­port you be­tween meet­ings.

G - Get your por­tion con­trol cor­rect to the SmartPoints food val­ues.

G - Get out and about the next two week­ends.

S - Smile and shout“hooray”when you step on the scales.

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