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I write this in a house that is rapidly run­ning out of choco­late.

Even a day ago we had boxes, won­der­ful boxes of the stuff. I re­gret to in­form Re­former read­ers that our fam­ily re­solve is not what it should have been. Choco­late has been con­sumed late at night, and most shock­ingly, even be­fore break­fast.

We would never nor­mally buy this amount of choco­late for our­selves. It has come to us be­cause peo­ple have been gen­er­ous and kind. Peo­ple have thought of us and our chil­dren, and it also blows you away when peo­ple - some­times peo­ple you did not think thought of you that way - give you a big car­rier bag of choco­late eggs.

As well as Easter eggs, there are other things that we nor­mally only have be­cause some­one bought them for us as a gift - flow­ers per­haps, a spe­cial item of cloth­ing, per­fume, a ticket to a con­cert or a voucher for a restau­rant. Gifts some­times have a sense of the ex­trav­a­gant about them, some­one has gone to town to look af­ter you, other gifts are the ones that you did not know you needed un­til you were given them; or you are given a thing that you would never have bought for your­self.

The gift of Je­sus - which we cel­e­brate at Easter - is like that - a gift that is out­ra­geously ex­trav­a­gant, a gift that you did not know you needed un­til it got given to you. It is the gift of know­ing God is with you, it is the gift of sins for­given and a clear con­science, it is the gift of per­se­ver­ance in dif­fi­cult cir­cum­stances, it is the gift of hope that ev­ery­thing is go­ing to turn out al­right, it is the gift of know­ing that if God gave us his Son, then there is noth­ing we need that he is go­ing to hold back from us. As the New Tes­ta­ment once says, thanks be to God for his in­de­scrib­able gift. Rev Neil Glover Flem­ing­ton and Hall­side

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