Makeup trends seem to have come full cir­cle

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If you could take a step back in time and live a makeup look from the past what era would you pick?

Would you yearn for the wide doeeyed, big lashes look of the 60s made so pop­u­lar by Twiggy?

Or would you dig out your best New Ro­man­tic gear and dive into the vi­brant rain­bow eye colour that so epit­o­mised the 80s?

For me it would have to be the time­less, elegant, flat­ter­ingly sexy look of the flirty 50s.

I’ve al­ways loved the style and makeup from that era and it re­mains my firm favourite.

That’s not to say most of the other decades didn’t have some­thing to of­fer.

And, like most things when it comes to trends and fash­ion, we seem to have come full cir­cle.

Af­ter the re­strained clas­sic beauty of the 50s, the 60s and 70 ush­ered in looks that were much more fun and whim­si­cal.

I have still have to ask my­self where some of the looks from the 80s came from, while I found the 90s a bit dull when it came to makeup – kind of like a decade of rest while we were wait­ing for a new gen­er­a­tion of fash­ion­istas to ex­plode onto the scene.

So now in the 2000s we seem to have ver­sion of looks from the past, ex­cept we have taken it to the next level.

Make up should en­hance your fea­tures, not mask or swamp them and I feel that cur­rent eye makeup trends run the risk of swamp­ing the wearer.

It can be beau­ti­fully ap­plied but I’m not sure it al­ways flat­ters.

The ‘look’ of to­day has ev­ery­thing go­ing on at once and when it’s teamed with heavy con­tour­ing, strob­ing and over­drawn lips it can just be too much.

The other thing I have no­ticed is the similarity be­tween the 1980s style and our cur­rent look.

At first glance you will prob­a­bly think I’m mad, but if you look closely you may start to see what I’m talk­ing about.

The strong arched brow – Yes, it was poorly ap­plied in the 80s but the style is the same. Back then it was usu­ally much darker than re­quired and heav­ily drawn with a strong arch.

Use of strong colour – The 80s colours seem to clash but in ac­tual fact it’s just poor blend­ing. The use of sev­eral colours to­gether is ac­tu­ally the look of to­day, it’s just that nowa­days it’s blended to per­fec­tion.

Heavy con­tour – The heavy, dark outer cor­ners are the same with heav­ily lined eyes. The liner was drawn all around the eyes and of­ten colour is se­lected, not just neu­tral dark tones.

The 80s would have a very sharp con­tour but in a shade of pink or an or­angey tone. The ap­pli­ca­tion would be sharp, like our present day con­tour.

Present day con­tour­ing is in a more neu­tral tone but equally as sharp and prob­a­bly teamed with an equally heavy high­light above it.

We didn’t have con­tour pal­ettes in the 80s! I doubt very much we had eye con­tour brushes either. We couldn’t get great deals on the in­ter­net! Make up Artists were few and far be­tween and usu­ally worked in film and TV.

There was no in­spi­ra­tion taken from In­sta­gram, in­stead we looked to pop mag­a­zines and Top of the Pops.

Make up trends will al­ways change and our cur­rent trends will no doubt be ad­mired in decades to come.

I love look­ing at the his­tory of makeup trends and Lisa Eldridge has a fab­u­lous book called Face Paint- The Story of Makeup. Def­i­nitely worth a look if you fancy tak­ing a step back in time.

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