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A friend started us­ing a new prod­uct re­cently and posted her re­sults on Face­book – it re­ally grabbed my at­ten­tion as her skin was glow­ing.

When it comes to skin care I pre­fer to keep things sim­ple and don’t spend a lot of money on prod­ucts.

But if some­thing gives vis­i­ble bright­en­ing re­sults quickly, I’m go­ing to try it. We all want quick re­sults right?

So quick as a flash I or­dered my prod­ucts – Clin­ique’s Fresh Pressed 7-Day Sys­tem with Pure Vi­ta­min C

Its a two- step sys­tem which con­sists of a Vi­ta­min C pow­der cleanser fol­lowed by a Vi­ta­min C booster which you add to your daily mois­turiser.

Vi­ta­min C is a fab­u­lous anti-ox­i­dant to brighten, firm, even out skin tex­ture and re­duce pig­men­ta­tion which is of­ten be due to sun dam­age.

To work Vi­ta­min C has to be ac­tive and it has a very short shelf life. You may see it in­cluded in many in­gre­di­ents but it won’t be do­ing much un­less in its ac­tive form. It should be in a foil con­tainer.

You add the pow­der sa­chet to wa­ter to cleanse, which feels great. It leaves your skin feel­ing very smooth, firmer and more ra­di­ant, but also very de­hy­drated.

I had to ap­ply more mois­turiser than usual as it felt very tight.

I fol­lowed with my own daily mois­turiser with two drops of the Vit C con­cen­trate and my skin looked and felt very fresh.

It’s great, but when you take away the prod­ucts, the re­sults go with it.

It would be a lovely prod­uct to use on the run up to your wed­ding or big night out.

It is a booster treat­ment to be used when your skin feels dull and life­less.

Def­i­nitely one to use for a big oc­ca­sion.

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