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Do you feel like you are al­ways ask­ing your­self why you ate a par­tic­u­lar food, why you can­not stop smok­ing or why did you drink more al­co­hol than you in­tended on a night out?

The def­i­ni­tion of willpower is“con­trol ex­erted to do some­thing or re­strain im­pulses”. Con­trol can be like a bat­tle. If you feel like you have al­ways had a con­stant bat­tle with your­self when it comes to mak­ing good help­ful choices then take a few min­utes to write down all the neg­a­tive thoughts that you have about your­self. I am stupid I am use­less I hate my­self I have no willpower Why did I ..... ? If you are think­ing these thoughts ev­ery day in life then is it any won­der that you feel like you are not worth the ef­fort? These be­liefs about your­self are lim­it­ing your de­ci­sions when it comes to the choices that you are mak­ing.

Change those thoughts, chal­lenge them.

For ex­am­ple you could re­place them with:“In the past I thought that I was use­less, that I was stupid, that I was an id­iot, or that I was a waste of space but now I know that is not true and that I am a valid per­son who is not any of these things.

“In the past I believed that I had no willpower but now I know that I can make choices based on what will make me feel healthy.

“In the past I was an un­healthy per­son but now I see my­self as a healthy per­son.”

Change the tense of what you are think­ing from present to past and see how it af­fects your mind­set for the bet­ter.

Start now and ev­ery time you get one of the old neg­a­tive thoughts im­me­di­ately re­place it un­til the new be­lief be­comes your first thought. Fiona Pe­di­ani

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