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Ev­ery­thing is about elec­tions at the mo­ment.

We all have our views about the dif­fer­ent par­ties and who we should vote for.

All there seems to be is doom and gloom with each party try­ing to outdo the other with neg­a­tive cam­paign­ing.

Then we have pol­i­tics on the world stage – I will not even go there.

It can be de­press­ing lis­ten­ing to it all.

Some­times when I speak with peo­ple I hear that the world is a ter­ri­ble place. All around us seems to be bad.

I un­der­stand how they feel, there are times when it re­ally does feel as if the world is a bad place.

How­ever, when we feel like that, we have to re­mem­ber that there is far more good in this world than bad.

But a story that is heart­warm­ing or where some­one does some­thing good does not make for in­ter­est­ing reading in the na­tional press.

I be­lieve that the ma­jor­ity of peo­ple are good and kind­ness far out­weighs the bad – we just do not hear about it.

The world is good, how­ever, the mi­nor­ity are bad and they get the most news cov­er­age.

I read a while ago how on New Year’s Day you should get an empty jar or tin and each day write down some­thing good that has hap­pened to you. Or a good piece of news you have heard.

On Hog­manay, you open the jar and look at all the good things that have hap­pened through­out the year.

What you read may sur­prise you. Rev Aquila Singh, Fern­hill and Cathkin Church of Scot­land

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