Can Cor­byn cause huge up­set on elec­tion night?

Vot­ers give their views on leader

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As the po­lit­i­cal polls showed Jeremy Cor­byn was clos­ing in on Theresa May, the Re­former asked Ru­glo­ni­ans if they be­lieved the Labour Party has a chance of win­ning the gen­eral elec­tion.

With just one week to go be­fore they took to the polls, res­i­dents were di­vided on their views of the Labour leader.

Robina Hop­kins said: “I’m not a fan. He has done more harm to the Labour Party than the Con­ser­va­tives have. He’s too left.

“He doesn’t have the per­son­al­ity. He has nice peo­ple around him but I don’t like him.”

Cather­ine Park liked the poli­cies put for­ward by Jeremy Cor­byn.

“I would like to be­lieve he has a chance,” she said. “I wouldn’t vote for Theresa May in a mil­lion years.

“I feel like Scot­land isn’t very in­flu­en­tial. I will use my vote but it will de­pend on down south and it seems there is a very strong back­ing for Theresa May.”

Vic­to­ria McAl­lis­ter was still un­de­cided.

She said: “I don’t like him. I’m not very keen on him but I’m not too keen on Theresa May ei­ther.”

Jim McGeechan said Jeremy Cor­byn’s re­cent per­for­mance had im­pressed him.

“He seemed good on the last TV show, the Jeremy Pax­man one. I would like to be­lieve that he can do what he says he wants to do. I hope he would do OK.

“I’m still de­cid­ing be­tween the Labour Party and SNP.”

I would like to be­lieve he can do what he wants to do Jim McGeechan

Un­de­cided Vic­to­ria McAl­lis­ter and Brian

Im­pressed Jim McGeechan

Cor­byn fan Cather­ine Park

Doubt­ful Robina Hop­kins

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