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Well done to Ava Bell, the 11-year-old Cam­bus­lang girl who spoke out about be­ing in­cluded in a col­lec­tive pun­ish­ment at school when she had done noth­ing wrong.

I can­not be­lieve such things are still hap­pen­ing.

Way back in the 1960s I was threatened with be­ing ex­pelled for protest­ing against the same thing.

A teacher had left her class­room and some pupils mis­be­haved but I was not one of them.

We were all given a pun­ish­ment ex­er­cise which I re­fused to do as I had enough home­work .

In­stead I wrote an es­say to the school head say­ing that teach­ers should su­per­vise their classes at all times and would then know which pupils be­haved and which ones didn’t.

I was told I had to apol­o­gise or be ex­pelled .

I apol­o­gised, re­luc­tantly, as ex­pul­sion would have been a dis­grace.

The head told me he had never read such im­per­ti­nence writ­ten by a pupil and that he would keep the es­say.

I hope he did as five years later I was an award win­ning writer but all these years later the teach­ers still don’t seem to have learned their les­son.

Dorothy Con­nor Ruther­glen

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