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There are many is­sues that will de­ter­mine how peo­ple will cast their vote in the gen­eral elec­tion.

May I ask your read­ers to add to their con­sid­er­a­tions one of the most in­tractable prob­lems of re­cent decades, the Is­rael/Pales­tinian con­flict?

In re­cent years the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity, in­clud­ing Bri­tain, has at­tempted to solve this dis­pute by crit­i­cis­ing Is­rael for de­fend­ing it­self while ig­nor­ing vi­o­lent Pales­tinian trans­gres­sions and an as­so­ci­ated lob­by­ing move­ment that acts like a school bully. That is a flawed strat­egy. Is­rael is a democ­racy with re­li­gious free­dom, an un­fet­tered press, equal rights for all its ci­ti­zens and a strong trade union move­ment.

And like any democ­racy it has a fun­da­men­tal duty to pro­tect its ci­ti­zens from harm.

The men and women of vi­o­lence will only be stopped when demo­cratic nations stand firm against ter­ror.

So I would ask your read­ers to con­sider ask­ing the gen­eral elec­tion can­di­dates in our area to sign ‘A Pledge for Is­rael’.

A doc­u­ment that recog­nises the achieve­ments and the chal­lenges that this small na­tion faces in the mael­strom of the Mid­dle East.

Be­cause peace will only be found with hon­esty.

You can send the Pledge for Is­rael by vis­it­ing­raelbri­ news.

Wil­liam O’Don­nell King’s Park Av­enue Ruther­glen

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