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There was a lot of re­ac­tion to our story about bro­ken glass in Cam­bus­lang Park last week.

Here is what you had to say:

“I’ve just came back from the park and dis­gusted with what I seen. Lots of bro­ken glass and used con­doms , dis­gust­ing.”- Claire Ren­nie

“It’s a bloody shame. It’s a lovely park. I see that lady ev­ery day. She jogs with her wee dog.”- Marie McLean

“They could at least use the bins. There should be more bins in the park. All the younger ones and young ones could at least have a bit of re­spect and use them, they wouldn’t leave bro­ken glass or rub­bish ev­ery­where in their home, out­side is no dif­fer­ent.”- Kimberly Burns

“It’s ab­so­lutely dis­gust­ing the way these people act. Smash­ing bot­tles all over the place and think­ing it’s funny. Dogs and chil­dren are in dan­ger of se­ri­ous in­jury but they don’t give a damn. I al­ways end up stop­ping to pick up bro­ken glass and even bot­tles that haven’t been smashed...yet.”- Greg Roxx

There was a mixed re­ac­tion to our story about coun­cil leader John Ross’s tweet to Labour MSP Jackie Bail­lie:

“Dis­re­spect of others views and per­sonal re­marks are the hall­marks of the SNP.”Ger­ard Kee­gan

“Shock­ing, but not sur­pris­ing from a SNP politi­cian.”- MK Devlin

“What’s the prob­lem? She is a woman and she does talk pure mince, there are many ex­am­ples to choose from.”Mac Aonghuis Mór

“They’re all very sen­si­tive when it comes to SNP tweets.” - Fraser Ross

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