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The hol­i­day sea­son is in full swing so be­fore I headed off on a much-needed summer break, I de­cided that it was time to grin and bear it and un­der­take a re­ally good detox.

Now I’m not talk­ing about my own ver­sion of a detox – we have all been there and it’s usu­ally a waste of time and hunger pangs – but a full on detox which takes willpower.

I had been feel­ing slug­gish, bloated, podgy and to­tally fed up, so some se­ri­ous ac­tion was needed.

Cut­ting down doesn’t work for me, it’s all or noth­ing for good re­sults and I needed it to work its magic fast .

Dras­tic ac­tion had to be taken so I turned to the C9 – Nine-day cleanse.

And don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think.

Day 1 and 2: You are not eat­ing, just drink­ing aloe vera which tastes foul but you do get used to it. Just hold your nose and it’s done.

This cleanses your in­testines and aids di­ges­tion.

You also take a com­bi­na­tion of sup­ple­ments to give your body ev­ery­thing it re­quires for your nine days.

For the first two days you have a de­li­cious choco­late shake in the evening which feels like a great re­ward after feel­ing hun­gry all day.

Days 3-9: You only need to take one dose of the aloe vera plus you get two shakes per day and a 600 calo­rie meal in the evening.

This is the sec­ond time I’ve done the C9 and I can hon­estly say that days 3-9 have been so easy.

I have not felt hun­gry or craved food and I felt per­fectly sat­is­fied all day.

Day 10 : I’m fin­ished! I feel fan­tas­tic and I’ve def­i­nitely lost a chunk of weight as my clothes feel loose again.

I don’t weigh my­self – I don’t want to know – but I reckon I’ve dropped at least 7 lbs.

This is the per­fect detox to do twice a year. If you have been over in­dulging, it gets you back on track quickly.

I would highly rec­om­mend this to brides if they are strug­gling to lose a few pounds for the big day or just want to feel amaz­ing.

It would also be great if you are head­ing off on hol­i­day and want to look and feel bet­ter on the beach.

Ide­ally it’s a re­set to get you on track to a health­ier diet.

It kick starts the process by elim­i­nat­ing the rub­bish from your body, leav­ing you ready to start a new healthy eat­ing regime.

Alexis Miller, founder of The Youth­ful Edit, who can sup­ply the detox kits reck­ons the cleanse is a great way to get your eat­ing habits back on track.

She said:“Do­ing it is not as intense as you think.

“It’s a nine-day kick­start for your sys­tem to ban­ish bad habits and help cleanse your body of the bad stuff.

“It’s not a crash diet, more a life­style re­boot.

“After the nine days you‘ll be mo­ti­vated to stay on a cleaner, health­ier path.”

She added:“Don’t em­bark on the cleanse if you are Type I di­a­betic, preg­nant or breastfeeding.

“Also, seek your doc­tor’s ad­vice about embarking on the cleanse if you are tak­ing any med­i­ca­tion.”

For more de­tails about the C9 detox kits – which cost £108 – please con­tact Alexis Miller at www.they­outh­fuledit.com

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