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Deared­i­tor I was pleased to read about an old friend at Cam­bus­lang Har­ri­ers, Bar­ney Gough, win­ning dou­ble gold in the Masters M65 and I am glad that he is still show­ing other run­ners a clean pair of heels.

I have not seen Bar­ney for some years but still re­call that he was one amongst oth­ers who showed me im­me­di­ate friend­ship when I joined the club in the mid-80s and taught an “old dumpling” like my­self how to run well.

I al­ways dreamed of fin­ish­ing ahead of Bar­ney in a race, but that dream never ma­te­ri­alised.

I was also happy to read that Sandy Ea­gle­sham is still win­ning medals.

I also un­der­stand that Dave Cooney is now pres­i­dent of the club, an hon­our well de­served for some­one who has given so much for Cam­bus­lang Har­ri­ers. Robert (Bobby) Bren­nan Machrie Road Castlemilk

NewAu­tum­nClub ses­sion­to­ge­tun­der­way Burn­side Au­tumn Club starts its 2017/18 ses­sion on Wed­nes­day, Oc­to­ber 4.

The club meets on Wed­nes­day af­ter­noons in Burn­side Church Hall, Church Av­enue, from 2-4pm and is open to all re­tired men and women in Burn­side and the sur­round­ing ar­eas.

The pro­gramme com­prises a va­ri­ety of talks and mu­sic as well as time to chat over a cup of tea. Please come along and join us where you will be made very wel­come. Betty Gard­ner Sec­re­tary Burn­side Au­tumn Club

Car­erpe­ti­tion­call I have cre­ated a pe­ti­tion on change.org cam­paign­ing for free/con­ces­sion­ary travel for carers that I would ap­pre­ci­ate you get­ting be­hind and show­ing your sup­port.

I was a carer from a young age to a fam­ily mem­ber who suf­fered a long fight with early on­set de­men­tia from the age of 48, epilepsy,di­a­betes and many other con­di­tions.

I am also part of my lo­cal carers cen­tre and have met many carers of all ages that all have had a huge im­pact on their lives from car­ing.

The proposal is that the govern­ment take the ini­tia­tive to of­fer free/ con­ces­sion­ary trans­port for carers to al­low them to bet­ter care.

This could be pos­si­ble either through adapt­ing the con­ces­sion and com­pan­ion card which cur­rently al­lows the carer to travel with the cared for but not separately which in most cases is needed or through some form of add on to carers al­lowance for those in re­ceipt of it.

Though prefer­ably carers wouldn’t need to be in re­ceipt of carers al­lowance as not ev­ery carer who could ben­e­fit from this travel are.

My pe­ti­tion has cur­rently reached over 2,700 sig­na­tures and is be­ing backed by my lo­cal coun­cil’s pe­ti­tion board in lob­by­ing the Scot­tish Govern­ment to pro­vide free/ con­ces­sion­ary trans­port for un­paid carers.

Some other sup­port­ers of my pe­ti­tion in­clude; Alzheimers Scot­land, De­men­tia Friends Scot­land, Downs Heart Group, Women For In­de­pen­dence, The coali­tion of carers, Carers UK, ME As­so­ci­a­tion, En­able Scot­land and many MSP’s.

Any sup­port you show would be truly ap­pre­ci­ated.

Go to https://www.change.org/p/ con­ces­sion­ary-trans­port-for-all-car­ers­they-re­quire-your-help. Amanda Mac­don­ald via email

View­son­par­lia­ment havechanged It was in­ter­est­ing to re­visit my views about the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment of 20 years ago and how times have changed af­ter be­ing ap­proached by the Re­former.

I have changed my opin­ion on the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment and now re­gard it as a force for good for the Scot­tish peo­ple.

It still has many faults but Scot­tish life has changed for the bet­ter as a re­sult of its re­turn.

My pre­dic­tion that it may lead to the breakup of the UK came close in the 2014 in­de­pen­dence ref­er­en­dum.

I also claimed in 1997 that there could be an in­crease to each fam­ily’s tax bill of £300 un­der a tar­tan tax. This was not to be, al­though the lat­est GERS fig­ures prove that with the cur­rent deficit each Scot­tish fam­ily would be worse off by £7,600 in an in­de­pen­dent Scot­land. I truly be­lieve we’ve had a lucky es­cape.

My own pol­i­tics have changed. I am no longer a mem­ber of any po­lit­i­cal party. In 2011 af­ter 35 years of be­ing a mem­ber of the Tory Party, and fol­low­ing a well-pub­li­cised fall out, I re­signed my mem­ber­ship.

I love not be­ing aligned to any po­lit­i­cal party. If truth be told most party mem­bers dis­agree with at least some of their party’s poli­cies. I love the free­dom of be­ing a float­ing voter. I now vote in favour of what I think is best for the con­stituency.

I was dis­mayed when the SNP took the Ruther­glen seat in 2015. When I was born at home in Wat­son Av­enue Ruther­glen in 1959 we had a Tory MP, Richard Brooman-White. He was the last.

In all my adult life I had never voted for the win­ning MP. This was dis­ap­point­ing as I had been the Tory can­di­date in Ruther­glen in two of those gen­eral elec­tions.

It all changed this year though when I voted for the win­ning can­di­date, Ged Killen MP. I per­suaded hun­dreds of my non-Labour friends and ac­quain­tances to join me. The vote was close so I’d like to think I played my part in un­seat­ing the SNP from the con­stituency.

As an ad­vo­cate of the United King­dom I truly hope that the Union Flag con­tin­ues to fly above our Royal Burgh town hall for many years to come. I also hope that Scot­land re­mains part of the UK and that the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment con­tin­ues to flour­ish in post-Brexit UK.

My Scot­tish Par­lia­ment pre­dic­tions for the com­ing years: Labour will re­turn to power in a mi­nor­ity govern­ment un­der Anas Sar­war at the next elec­tion and James Kelly MSP will win the Ruther­glen seat back for Labour.

Wil­lie Ren­nie and his Lib Dems will lose three of their seats and they will amal­ga­mate with Labour or drop out of pol­i­tics com­pletely at the fol­low­ing elec­tion.

SNP will be the se­cond party when the ap­petite for in­de­pen­dence fi­nally ceases. They will go through a suc­ces­sion of lead­ers when Ni­cola Stur­geon steps down af­ter los­ing the next elec­tion and there will not be another in­de­pen­dence ref­er­en­dum in the next 20 years.

The Tory Party will level out at about 20 seats. The in­de­pen­dence threat has been cen­tral to their elec­toral suc­cess. The best of the bunch will sur­vive and there are some ex­cel­lent MSPs par­tic­u­larly amongst the new in­take. Ruth David­son will be un­able to re­sist a nice safe seat in West­min­ster with a top min­is­te­rial role and Murdo Fraser will fi­nally be­come the leader in Scot­land.

UKIP will re­main an ir­rel­e­vance in post-Brexit Scot­land.

I look for­ward to com­ment­ing on this ar­ti­cle in the fu­ture but lets not leave it 20 years this time. Mal­colm Ma­caskill via email

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