What about all the birds be­ing killed by rap­tors?

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IN re­ply to your na­ture cor­re­spon­dent Sean Wood (Ad­ver­tiser, Novem­ber 13).

Sean, I read your ar­ti­cle ‘We can’t turn a blind eye to this bird crime’.

I have read many ar­ti­cles like yours about birds of prey be­ing killed.

We only seem to hear about birds of prey, but what about other birds that th­ese rap­tors are killing?

One pair of pere­grines on a church in Ex­eter killed 15 buz­zards.

In this coun­try all birds are sup­posed to be pro­tected.

Birds of prey were rare years ago. Not now.

Now it is other birds that need pro­tec­tion from them.

Birds of prey are caus­ing big trou­ble for an­glers, farm­ers, pi­geon fanciers and the shoot­ing in­dus­tries.

The pop­u­la­tion of rap­tors is soar­ing, so is it time for a com­pro­mise?

Our birds are in big de­cline.

The gov­ern­ment of lower Aus­tria ex­am­ined in­de­pen­dent sci­en­tific ev­i­dence and duly au­tho­rised a li­censed cull of buz­zards and goshawks, cit­ing the pro­tec­tion of 24 vul­ner­a­ble prey species.

There should be no taboo about do­ing what is right just be­cause a bird is a rap­tor.

Our rap­tor pop­u­la­tion is at the high­est in liv­ing mem­ory and on an up­ward trend.

We have dou­ble stan­dards in this coun­try about con­ser­va­tion.

Thir­teen con­ser­va­tion groups have signed a let­ter pub­lished in the In­de­pen­dent ask­ing for full le­gal pro­tec­tion of buz­zards to be main­tained.

This mass hys­te­ria is down to a few land own­ers call­ing for a cull.

Mark Avery, the for­mer con­ser­va­tion di­rec­tor of the RSPB, says it’s time to change the way we support agri­cul­ture.

If the bil­lions in pub­lic money that is cur­rently be­ing poured into agri­cul­tural support was bet­ter spent we could have a farm­land where the story was one of in­creases in many bird species.

One farmer said he has 20 pairs of buz­zards on this farm and he can’t do any­thing about them.

So, he’s just pro­duc­ing birds for preda­tors.

Sean you are al­ways writ­ing about rap­tor per­se­cu­tion.

Do you think it right that fal­con­ers hawk hun­dreds of en­dan­gered birds?

The buz­zard is not en­dan­gered or the spar­row hawks or hy­brids, but fal­con­ers are still al­lowed, un­der li­cence, to hawk birds

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