Be­hav­iour as cru­cial as hair­cuts

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AFTER all the pub­lic­ity con­cern­ing the hair­styles of pupils per­haps schools could also in­struct their pupils how to be­have on buses.

I was al­ways told at my school that once you left the school grounds you were still a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the school and should be­have prop­erly. The noise and crowd­ing at the front of the bus I got on last week on Chor­ley Road was deaf­en­ing and is “move down the bus please” no longer in the bus driv­ers’ man­ual as adults are just as guilty of crowd­ing near the front mak­ing get­ting on/off dif­fi­cult at times?

One pupil did give up his seat for which I thanked him for but I later moved to sit with some­one I knew who said that she would prob­a­bly have a stiff drink once she got home as she had been sub­jected to the noise for a greater length of time.

I had a sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ence get­ting home from Sal­ford Royal Hos­pi­tal when another school’s pupils de­scended on the bus on Ec­cles Old Road, I am not say­ing all the pupils on both oc­ca­sions were like this and many thanked the driver as they left but I won’t make the mis­take of be­ing on a bus at home time in fu­ture.

Per­haps schools can ad­dress the bus be­hav­iour as vig­or­ously as they are the hair­cuts! Marie Fal­zon Swin­ton


I READ with in­ter­est the piece by Gra­ham Stringer (Ad­ver­tiser, Novem­ber 20), where he puts for­ward the view that peo­ple who live and pay coun­cil tax in Sal­ford should get the city’s ser­vices cheaper than those who live out­side of Sal­ford. Sal­ford coun­cil ap­pears to have the ex­act op­po­site view, and does, in fact, charge Sal­ford res­i­dents more for some Sal­ford city ser­vices than some peo­ple from out­side of the city. I re­fer, specif­i­cally, to the join­ing fee levied on those wish­ing to join the monthly pay­ment scheme for mem­ber­ship of the leisure cen­tres.

The £20 fee is payable by any­one join­ing, re­gard­less of where they pay their coun­cil tax. We there­fore have the ridicu­lous sit­u­a­tion where a Sal­ford res­i­dent pays the fee, yet an em­ployee of, for ex­am­ple, HM Rev­enue and Cus­toms, is ex­empt from the charge, de­spite the fact they may be res­i­dent out­side of the city of Sal­ford, and do not con­trib­ute to this ser­vice.

I have com­plained to the leisure ser­vice and was told that this dis­count is of­fered on the ba­sis that a large vol­ume of peo­ple from th­ese or­gan­i­sa­tions have sub­scribed to the mem­ber­ship. Maybe if they of­fered the same terms to Sal­ford res­i­dents, then more peo­ple would join. Name and ad­dress sup­plied


I WOULD like to re­ply to Coun Roger Jones of Ir­lam and his let­ter in the Ad­ver­tiser, Novem­ber 27.

In re­sponse to the points he makes, the guided busway may well be sup­ported by all 10 lo­cal au­thor­i­ties in Greater Manch­ester and TfGM. It may well also be sup­ported by all three ma­jor po­lit­i­cal par­ties. But it isn’t sup­ported by the majority of peo­ple in Sal­ford. I thought your job was to work for the peo­ple and what they want?

I hon­estly can­not see 1.5 mil­lion peo­ple a year us­ing this bus. Have you seen the prices th­ese days? Es­pe­cially on First buses.

If you want to en­cour­age more peo­ple to leave their cars and use pub­lic trans­port then why not im­prove what we al­ready have? Make the cy­cle lanes safe and well main­tained and pro­vide more of them.

All this money has been spent length­en­ing train sta­tion plat­forms yet there are no ex­tra car­riages at peak times. Buses, as I’ve said, are ex­pen­sive and far too un­re­li­able.

Per­haps TfGM should be think­ing about re-na­tion­al­is­ing lo­cal trans­port. Joseph Hick­man Swin­ton


RE­MARKS made by Sal­ford UKIP in their reg­u­lar di­a­tribe (Ad­ver­tiser, Novem­ber 20) re­veal another disturbing as­pect of UKIP pol­icy. They want less rep­re­sen­ta­tion for the elec­torate.

Add this to some of their other ideas re­vealed re­cently, and then de­nied, such as sell­ing off the NHS, a sin­gle rate of tax for all earn­ers (rich and poor),and repa­tri­a­tion of set­tled im­mi­grants.

Now the vot­ers of Sal­ford and Ec­cles can see that UKIP are not the friend of work­ing peo­ple. They are in fact tur­bocharged To­ries. Bruce Thomp­son Claren­don Cres­cent Ec­cles


QUOT­ING Gor­don Brown: “It’s time for a new per­son with new ideas”

I would sug­gest it’s time for new peo­ple in the town hall, th­ese present ones have been too long in their ivory tow­ers and it is bad for lo­cal pol­i­tics. A Clarke

Marie Fal­zon had a noisy ex­pe­ri­ence com­ing back from Sal­ford Royal Hos­pi­tal

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