Two-wheel so­lu­tion to ges­ture pol­i­tics

And so with­a­gen­eral elec­tion loom­ing, yet an­other gov­ern­ment an­nounces an at­tempt to win some vot­ers, namely the mo­torists who spend longer and longer each day stuck in traf­fic jams.

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Suc­ces­sive gov­ern­ments of all par­ties (and coali­tions) have made sim­i­lar ges­tures to mo­torists in the past, yet guess what? Yep, the roads are still clogged ev­ery day with more and more cars, vans and lor­ries all go­ing nowhere fast.

The most re­cent an­nounce­ment, made in Par­lia­ment at the be­gin­ning of De­cem­ber, was that hun­dreds of ex­tra lane miles will be cre­ated on mo­tor­ways and trunk roads in an at­tempt to speed up jour­ney times. Some £15 bil­lion will be spent, ap­par­ently, on roads across the UK which in­clude plans to build a tun­nel un­der Stone­henge in an at­tempt to help ease con­ges­tion there. Now per­son­ally, I love rid­ing past the traf­fic jams on the A303 next to Stone­henge – not only do you get a beau­ti­ful an­cient English Her­itage site to ad­mire, but you can laugh at all the car driv­ers too!

Any­way, the Gov­ern­ment of course needs to find the money, so where will that come from if we don’t have enough to pay nurses, fire­man, doc­tors and the like a de­cent wage? Af­ter all, in Novem­ber Trans­port Sec­re­tary Pa­trick McLough­lin ad­mit­ted that the “M6 Toll has flopped af­ter fail­ing to com­bat con­ges­tion on the re­gion’s mo­tor­way net­work”, so that’s out.

Now, pre­sum­ing this gov­ern­ment is still around post elec­tion, and they haven’t dragged their heels for so long that we’ve forgotten about their ‘vote win­ning pro­pos­als’, then an­other prob­lem is that with big­ger, wider roads, all you do then is solve the prob­lem tem­po­rar­ily while at the same time invit­ing other driv­ers to fill up the pre­cious space on your newly laid Tar­mac.

Luck­ily for the politi­cians, how­ever, I can of­fer them some as­sis­tance here. Firstly, this coun­try still has a net­work of rail­ways, canals and rivers, so what about in­vest­ing in th­ese for both the trans­porta­tion of freight and com­muters? Ev­ery­one agrees that im­proved and af­ford­able public trans­port would ease con­ges­tion on the roads.

As for the freight, ev­ery time I ride to a scooter rally in Europe it amazes me that the wa­ter­ways of Hol­land and Ger­many – from canals to the mighty Rhine – al­ways have com­mer­cial barges work­ing up and

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