So one day I dragged it out and took a grinder to the arse end and pan­els... I think it looks bril­liant. Hor­ri­ble, but bril­liant.

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and took a grinder to the arse end and pan­els... I think it looks bril­liant. Hor­ri­ble, but bril­liant.

“I now plan to fin­ish it in the New Year, but I’ve still got to cut it down fur­ther and get the tuned en­gine back in.

“I’m not stop­ping there, I plan to re­place the ra­di­a­tor for a larger sin­gle one and re­house all the electrics in or­der to hack the front off. I then plan to ei­ther fit Lam­bretta forks or shorten the ex­ist­ing ones, and fit a 24 litre spare petrol tank from my 900cc Tri­umph. Af­ter that watch this space...”

Per­son­ally, I’ll prob­a­bly be only do­ing some mi­nor tin­ker­ing on my Lammy. At the mo­ment, my real aim for the next year is to get to a small con­ti­nen­tal rally, just for some­thing dif­fer­ent re­ally; I want to ride new roads and meet new peo­ple.

I must ad­mit it’s get­ting a lit­tle bor­ing rid­ing to some ral­lies, hence why I’m go­ing to make the ef­fort to get a group of the YGSCs out onto the con­ti­nent – so be­ware Euro­pean scooter­ists!

And to be fair, I’m not the only one want­ing to get to some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent. Ian, our small­frame wiz­ard has booked up and planned a trip to Guernsey to hit the rally there... “Cause I’ve never been to the Chan­nel Is­lands,” he in­forms. “I’ve been crav­ing go­ing some­where dif­fer­ent for a while. It’s a nice long ride down to the south coast, and af­ter all, the jour­ney is the most mem­o­rable bit.

“I’ll be on a self-tuned V100, com­plete with Par­makit 130, 30mm VHSH carb, Ludwig & Scherer pipe... not only is it about the ride for this rally, I’d pick that des­ti­na­tion over any main­land coastal rally any day. I’m re­ally keen on ex­plor­ing the his­tor­i­cal con­tent on the is­land. I’m hop­ing to see the stone cir­cles, the cas­tle and the Sec­ond World War rem­nants from when it was oc­cu­pied by the Ger­mans (even though that’s non-scooter re­lated). I’m also think­ing about Vespa World Days in Croa­tia, but that’s a long way off yet!”

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