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Name: Ro­nan Danic. Job: Tat­too artist (www.ro­nanbwt.wix.com/tat­too). Scooter club: Va Fan­culo Scooter Club (Saint Brieuc, Bre­tagne) and RGC. First scooter: Went to a rally in about 1997 with a group of friends who had scoot­ers and de­cided that come what may I was go­ing to buy a scooter. Man­aged to scrape to­gether enough for a tatty old 1981 PX125 (Span­ish) and since then ride daily. Favourite scooter model: TypeNVespa. Favourite style of cus­tom scooter: Like scoot­ers that carry a theme, es­pe­cially paint job wise. I also like one-off in­di­vid­ual pieces which have been made to fit the theme in ques­tion and make the scooter stand out from the rest. First rally: 1997 Penn-ar-Bed scooter rally, Fin­istère, Brit­tany. Favourite rally: I wouldn’t need to look too far away from Woola­combe 2014. First time I’d rid­den to the UK on a scooter, came with men­tal friends and made loads of Bri­tish friends at the rally. Great at­mos­phere, great peo­ple, great venue. Hope­fully we may have en­cour­aged one or two to do the same trip in re­verse and visit us in beau­ti­ful Brit­tany when we do our ral­lies. How could the scooter scene im­prove? A lit­tle bit con­tro­ver­sial per­haps, but I think clas­sic scoot­ers and mod­ern should be kept apart – the whole essence to me is lost on mod­ern au­tos. I mean no dis­re­spect but in my opin­ion they should have their own ral­lies. In France it is not an is­sue as we all ba­si­cally ride older scoots, the au­tos gen­er­ally ar­rive with non-French li­cence plates. Fun­ni­est ex­pe­ri­ence with a scooter: Not so much funny, but while on a scooter hol­i­day in Italy we stopped at a resto for food in the mid­dle of nowhere and got talk­ing to a guy who had taken a shine to our scoot­ers. He in­vited us across the road to his garage, which turned out to be full of old clas­sic scoot­ers, couldn’t say how many but would say well into the hun­dreds. What he did with them all I have no idea, it was in the mid­dle of the coun­try­side with barely any other peo­ple. Re­ally bizarre. Who first in­spired you in the scooter scene? None other than our own Popo De Rennes (Scooter­world). If you had to rec­om­mend one item of rid­ing kit what would it be? A good qual­ity hel­met. Most use­less part ever bought for one of your scoot­ers? Some chromed wheels off the in­ter­net which started to rust at an alarm­ing rate within three weeks. I tried con­tact­ing the seller but by this time he had had his eBay ac­count shut down and I couldn’t trace him.

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