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Name: Bob Kirby. Age: 62. Job: En­gi­neer. Scooter club: Exit 17, Wilt­shire and Som­er­set. First scooter: 1959 Lam­bretta Li 150. Favourite model: My 1966 SX200. Favourite rally/ event: Woola­combe, the best route, Ex­moor! How could the scooter scene im­prove? Get Kev Lock and Soul­ful Sal back on the decks. And I love the at­ti­tude of the Young Guns SC, I wish I was young enough to join them! Far­thest ever rid­den on a scooter: Barcelona, never again! What do you like about ral­lies/events? Love the ride there, it still ex­cites me. Favourite cus­tom scooter of all time: The LD chop­per, Frus­tra­tion. Who first in­spired you in the scooter scene? Rich Gard­ner and Pete Plumeridge. Rec­om­mend one item of rid­ing kit: A good jacket with ar­mour. Most use­less part ever bought for one of your scoot­ers: An aerial with tiger tail. What part would you most like to see de­vel­oped for scoot­ers? A re­li­able 250 mo­tor. Scooter model: Vespa SS180. In­spi­ra­tion for project: I’d been jeal­ous ofa­mate’s Hur­ri­cane since 1969. Spe­cialised parts: Wheel trims re­stored by Disco Dez.

Bum stan­dard apart from orig­i­nal Ken Cob­bing ex­haust. Top speed: Prob­a­bly around 60 down­hill. Your favourite dealer: Disco Dez, he’s cranky but bril­liant!

Dez and Nathan for the facelift and my guys at Re­vival. Also to TimMcMa­nar for sell­ing her back to me.

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