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Dicky Dee, Mer­ce­nar­ies SC Jon Stares, Ska­heads SC (Portsmouth)

How many Cam­ber Ral­lies have you done? DD: 11 of the 17. JS: Last six years, (and the win­ter warm­ers there too).

All On the same scooter? DD: No, on var­i­ous scoot­ers. Most on my GP, this year was on the SX.

First time on the TS1, then the GP for a cou­ple of years. Last three Skull­dug­gery.

What are the high points of the Cam­bers you’ve been to? DD: Great mix of mu­sic, Tony Class DJing, band wise Who’s Who, who sur­prised me how good they were. Early Cam­ber in the reg­gae room, I was al­ways first in and last out. The ride there along south coast back roads. A good place to meet up with mates.

The late li­cens­ing hours, good mix of bands, the North­ern Soul dance com­pe­ti­tion.

Any low points? DD: Slow ser­vice at the bar, solved by get­ting a chalet nearby the venue and pop­ping out for a top up. And the heat in­side.

Too few bar staff. Price in­creases in re­cent times which has caused dwin­dling num­bers.

How do you feel about this be­ing the last Cam­ber Rally? DD: Gut­ted! Too many re­gional, lo­cal events, and clashes of dates have con­trib­uted to num­bers not be­ing what they were. It’s al­ways a good week­end. Thanks to Chelms­ford SC for 17 great years.

Pretty sad, it’s where I met and first got to­gether with my mis­sus. Cam­ber cost me 27 years of mar­riage! Best wishes to Chelms­ford Scooter Club for the fu­ture.

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