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I’ve been af­ter a retro styled hel­met for a while, how­ever I’ve al­ways had an aver­sion to open face lids. The thought of your chin scrap­ing along the floor has al­ways put me off... So on my search for a classy look­ing full face job I came across Biltwell Inc, an Amer­i­can hel­met man­u­fac­turer. They of­fer an im­pres­sive in­ven­tory of full face lids with sleek lines, plenty of vi­sor op­tions and all at a im­pres­sive price (RRP around £150). Un­for­tu­nately there’s a catch, they’re not road le­gal in the UK and do not meet EU regs, al­though they do meet US DOT 4 ap­proval. The good news is that Biltwell tells us this is some­thing it is work­ing to­wards, and I’ll up­date you all should there be any devel­op­ments.

How do they per­form?

With the hel­mets be­ing con­structed from In­jec­tion Molded ABS they are in­cred­i­bly light, and don’t strain your neck while rid­ing long dis­tances. The in­ter­nal cushioning is also very com­fort­able, more so than many of the mod­ern de­signed hel­mets I’ve used over the last couple of years. The slim­line de­sign, with­out any vents or ridges creates a sur­pris­ingly quiet hel­met with very lit­tle wind noise. Which is al­ways nice on the mo­tor­way jaunts! How­ever this slim­line de­sign does also mean that de­spite be­ing full face, it does leave your chin a lit­tle more ex­posed than most other hel­mets I’ve pre­vi­ously used... Any­way, the hel­met comes in two guises, the Gringo and Gringo S. The Gringo, has many vi­brant metal flake fin­ishes, how­ever it only has a clip on vi­sor. This means you can’t flip it up and it has a chronic steaming prob­lem. The Gringo S has sim­pler colour schemes, but its flip up vi­sor makes it far more prac­ti­cal and ver­sa­tile!

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