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Ul­tra­sonic clean­ing is a thor­ough, fast and safe way of clean­ing small and dif­fi­cult to clean parts, and if you’ve got a shed load of bits that need some TLC then this new ul­tra­sonic cleaner from Laser Tools might be just the thing.

The cleaner uses high fre­quency sound waves to cre­ate mil­lions of tiny bub­bles in the liq­uid so­lu­tion. Th­ese bub­bles ex­pand and col­lapse rapidly, the en­ergy re­leased cre­at­ing an in­tense scrub­bing ac­tion which is equally as ef­fec­tive on un­seen small crevices and blind holes as on vis­i­ble sur­faces, for ex­am­ple ven­turi in­side car­bu­ret­tors. The dirt is loos­ened and re­moved from any sur­face that the liq­uid touches. This ac­tion is ap­par­ently re­ferred to as ‘acous­tic cav­i­ta­tion’ and “oc­curs thou­sands of time per sec­ond to quickly pro­duce clean parts”.

The ul­tra­sonic cleaner will work with or­di­nary dis­tilled wa­ter as the clean­ing medium but the com­pany rec­om­mends its own Clean­ing Fluid (part num­ber 6289), which will aid the re­moval of stub­born dirt or soil­ing and even tar­nish, rust and car­bon from most met­als. Its 13 litre fluid tank ca­pac­ity en­ables the clean­ing of a good range of au­to­mo­tive parts too.

Suit­able for the pro­fes­sional work­shop, the Laser Tools Ul­tra­sonic Cleaner isn’t cheap at £1005.84 inc VAT (£838.20 exc VAT), but if it’s what you need then why not? More de­tails from www.laser­

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