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Polini ex­pands the range of ex­hausts and muf­flers of­fered for Maxi scoot­ers with new of­fer­ings to fit the Yamaha Xen­ter, Pi­ag­gio X10 350, Gil­era Run­ner VXR 200 (2006/2007) and Peu­geot Metrolpo­lis amongst oth­ers. The Polini muf­flers can be made of stain­less steel or of black an­odized light al­loy ac­cord­ing to the Maxi scooter model and they are sold to­gether with the stain­less steel rac­ing pipe. The muf­flers are also Ho­molo­gated. Prices start at €349 + VAT. www.polini.com

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