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For those with a scooter that may not have a ded­i­cated Tu­cano Ur­bano Ter­moscud lap cover (and I should point out here that in my years of ex­pe­ri­ence us­ing th­ese ev­ery win­ter, the one they pro­duce for the Vespa PX will also fit most clas­sic geared Ves­pas with sim­i­lar sized legshields like the T5 and Rally 200, as well as LML scoot­ers, some Ba­jaj mod­els, and also the Ital­jet Ve­locif­ero and Lam­bretta Se­ries 2 and 3 scoot­ers), Tu­cano now also makes a ‘univer­sal’ lap cover that can be fit­ted to al­most any model of scooter with a flat floor, mod­ern or clas­sic. This in­cludes my Lam­bretta Se­ries 1 here which al­though in the past I have fit­ted a reg­u­lar Ter­moscud to, the head­light po­si­tion makes fit­ting the front se­cur­ing strap awk­ward and it doesn’t quite sit right.

The leg cover ‘Scud-à-porter Dou­ble Face’ (it has two sides de­pend­ing on how you’re feel­ing, plain black or pat­terned) is easy to fit within min­utes, just a couple of straps to at­tach to suit­able fix­ing points on your scooter. The floor struts on my Lam­bretta were per­fect. Once fit­ted, with the cord around front to help it keep its shape, it keeps you warm and dry while rid­ing (there is a re­mov­able syn­thetic fur ther­mal lin­ing and built-in bib to cover your chest), and while maybe not so stable at speed as a full on Ter­moscud, it is ideal for shorter trips and com­mut­ing. Also, when parked up it will keep the scooter’s seat dry. There’s an anti-theft sys­tem (metal ring) in­stalled, it also fea­tures re­flec­tive edg­ing on the black side for night rid­ing, and the re­tail price is £94.99, though do shop around for a bar­gain. To find your lo­cal shop visit www.tu­canour­bano.com or to buy on­line visit http://scooter-wear.com or www.scooter­crazy.com among oth­ers.

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