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Due to an over­sight last month in our Vespa Big-box Test ar­ti­cle, it wasn’t so easy to read the max power and max torque fig­ures for each ex­haust, so here are the num­bers for those who need them: Stan­dard PX200: 9.93bhp @ 5330rpm, 11.6lb-ft @ 4234rpm BGM Sport: 11.83bhp @ 6343rpm, 10.49lb-ft @ 5562rpm BGM Tour: 11.27bhp @ 5528rpm, 11.46lb-ft @ 4826rpm LTH/TSR: 11.36bhp @ 5752rpm, 12.44lb-ft @ 4240rpm Pi­nasco Tour­ing: 11.2bhp @ 6369rpm, 9.83lb-ft @ 5594rpm Pipe De­sign: 11.46bhp @ 6209rpm, 10.07lb-ft @ 5589rpm SIP Road 2: 11.24bhp @ 6165rpm, 11.72lb-ft @ 4733rpm SIP XL: 11.69bhp @ 6229rpm, 10.33lb-ft @ 4719rpm Sito Plus: 10.59bhp @ 5903rpm, 10.95lb-ft @ 4495rpm Re­mem­ber though folks, you need to read the graphs from last month’s Scooter­ing to see what suits your needs as some ex­hausts like Pipe De­sign and SIP XL rev out to­wards 7500rpm in our third gear run, while oth­ers barely ex­ceed the stan­dard pipe at lit­tle over 6000rpm. See www.scooter­ for back is­sues.

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