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A warm wel­come to Novem­ber Scooter­ing.

By the time this edition hits the news­stands it’ll be the end of Oc­to­ber and I’ll be plan­ning my trip to Brid. It doesn’t feel that long ago since I was plan­ning my trip to the first rally of the sea­son at Whitby back in March. Where has the time gone? The sea­son just seems to fly by and be­fore we know it, it’ll be win­ter again! Of course I’m just look­ing ahead, plan­ning months in ad­vance is in my na­ture, and the sea­son is far from over with events like Mablethorpe and Warmwell to name but a cou­ple in Novem­ber alone, and it won’t be long be­fore it’s our very own Scooter World event in Jan­uary. So plenty to look for­ward to yet.

Still, the cy­cle of win­ter main­te­nance, projects and restora­tions is some­thing I ac­tu­ally look for­ward to each year. Whether it’s a bit of tun­ing to the en­gine or a full tear down and re­build. It’s that small pause for thought, and that sea­sonal process which leads to the cre­ation of many of the beau­ti­ful ma­chines which we will see next sea­son. I will say though, if there’s one good piece of ad­vice I can of­fer any­one whose scooter needs a bit of at­ten­tion from their me­chanic or dealer, it’s this: when you fin­ish your last rally of the sea­son, when­ever that may be, don’t just sling the rally-hack in the garage and for­get about it un­til Fe­bru­ary next year, and then ex­pect your lo­cal garage to have it ready for the first rally of 2017 at one week’s no­tice. The poor bloke will be in­un­dated. The best time to take your scooter in for a bit of fet­tling is as soon as you fin­ish the last rally of THIS year!

For those of you who like to twirl your own span­ners, I hope the ‘Tech Torque’ guides we have put to­gether of­fer some use­ful ad­vice. Stu Owen starts his first part of the Win­ter Restora­tion guide, Dar­rell will be ad­ding to his on­go­ing tun­ing fea­ture, and my own Vespa tun­ing and up­grades se­ries will con­tinue over the com­ing months. So whether you are a 365 days per year scooter­ist do­ing your own main­te­nance, or a sea­sonal com­muter sort­ing a win­ter project, hope­fully we have some­thing good in store for you. Any­way, it’s an­other bel­ter this month. En­joy the is­sue.

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