What’s in a name?

Brand­ing can some­times make or break a prod­uct, but it seems in the scooter world that if we just add speed, tun­ing, per­for­mance or de­vel­op­ment to the brand name it’ll be an in­stant suc­cess... or will it?

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Speed, it seems it is all about the speed. We all know that tun­ing scoot­ers to make them go faster has been an im­por­tant part of the scooter­ing world pretty much from day one. But I was think­ing the other day just how many scooter deal­ers and busi­nesses are some­thing or other speed. You all know them: Rayspeed, Taffspeed, Chiselspeed, Read­speed, Mad­speed, Rob­bospeed, Beed­speed, Jah­speed… the list con­tin­ues.

There are de­funct lines like the leg­endary Royspeed that are beg­ging to be re­born, but it seems that over the years that word speed is such a com­mon theme in our world. I’m sure there are more ‘some­thing-speeds’ that I’ve missed. So whether it’s adding that word af­ter your name, or your lo­cal­ity it some­how just seems to fit with scoot­ers. I can’t imag­ine that the mo­tor­cy­cle world has lots of ‘bike­speeds’!

It seems that there are as many busi­nesses with speed in their name as there are with scoot­ers! What many of these deal­ers have in com­mon is that they have of­ten done great work and de­vel­op­ment over many years to push for­ward our world, to the point where we want our scoot­ers ever faster and more pow­er­ful. Whether it be sell­ing go-faster parts or ac­tu­ally tak­ing the tools to parts and port­ing, grind­ing or cut­ting to make more power or even man­u­fac­tur­ing things… it is all about the speed.

Of course, there are also lots of deal­ers with the more spe­cific tun­ing tag… Per­for­mance Tun­ing, Tay­lor Tun­ing, JB Tun­ing, PM Tun­ing and the like. The com­mon thing with all these busi­nesses is that they all have a solid name in the his­tory of scooter­ing in terms of push­ing things for­ward well be­yond what the man­u­fac­tur­ers had in mind. What­ever you want to do to make your scooter faster it’s the guys with these words in their name that are the most likely to help you.

Scooter own­ers must have spent lit­er­ally mil­lions on chang­ing and im­prov­ing their hum­ble en­gines over the last 60 years or so, and if any­thing this type of ac­tiv­ity is in­creas­ing as the ma­chines age and wear out. It cer­tainly seems very un­likely to be stop­ping any­time soon, and those deal­ers and busi­nesses based on speed and tun­ing seem to have weath­ered the var­i­ous eco­nomic storms well.

In re­cent years our Euro­pean friends have joined the party, with de­vel­op­ments com­ing from the Ital­ian sta­ble as well as Ger­many. The pas­sion of scoot­ers sim­ply con­tin­ues year af­ter year. Talk­ing to a friend this morn­ing who is in­volved in de­vel­op­ing elec­tric and bat­tery power, he could re­ally see the market for ve­hi­cles with the clas­sic styling of Vespa and Lam­bretta but util­is­ing mod­ern elec­tric drive units. I can’t see that catch­ing on in the real en­thu­si­ast’s world, but I cer­tainly could in the world of com­mut­ing, with the ever in­creas­ing pres­sures on city streets and di­min­ish­ing fuel re­sources. Per­haps in the fu­ture, we will be see­ing the ‘Power’ brand names (BeedPower, Chis­elPower etc.) catch­ing on as elec­tric pow­ered ve­hi­cles be­come more com­mon. Once elec­tric cars re­ally take hold surely it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore elec­tric two-wheeled ve­hi­cles fol­low suit. Per­haps emis­sions laws might even speed that process but a faint whirring of elec­tric power will never re­place the crackle and smell of our two-strokes.

So in the mean­time, our scoot­ers, speeds, tun­ings and de­vel­op­ments are where it’s at. So if any­one is start­ing a new deal­er­ship or scooter busi­ness it ap­pears you couldn’t go far wrong with one of those words dropped into your ti­tle!

Rayspeed, Taffspeed, Chiselspeed, Read­speed, Mad­speed, Rob­bospeed, Beed­speed, Jah­speed… the list con­tin­ues.

Not all ‘speeds’ flour­ished in the same way, but suc­cess comes in many dif­fer­ent forms.

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