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Name: Steve Chap­man How and when did you first be­come in­ter­ested in scoot­ers: Fam­ily camp­ing week­ends to the sea­side when I was grow­ing up and we used to get swal­lowed up by scoot­ers! Your first scooter: Vespa 50 Spe­cial at 16. Favourite scooter model: Su­per­tune Low­line SX200. First rally: Clac­ton ’84. How did you get there: Vespa 50 Spe­cial. Any sto­ries: We went ev­ery­where on our 50s in­clud­ing Hast­ings that year. I doubt we ever took more than £20 with us, no M25 and no map. It took us about twelve hours to get to Hast­ings – we just asked peo­ple for di­rec­tions at ev­ery stop! Favourite and worst rally: Fave was DJing at Mersea around 1998 in the dance room. I asked for three turnta­bles and a 6k Martin Au­dio Rig. Jon Betts de­liv­ered; I don’t think many in the crowd had been much ex­posed to that style of mu­sic, we mixed up Sal­soul, disco and Philly soul remixes, they knew the words, if not the tunes and ev­ery­one seemed to love it. Worst was be­ing CS-gassed by ‘ca­su­als’ at Clac­ton ’85 prob­a­bly. Though at the time you would have thought I’d been blessed, by the way I went on about it. Fun­ni­est ex­pe­ri­ence with a scooter: Rid­ing through town with mates who’d just bought a sil­ver se­ries, with match­ing Wat­so­nian Bam­bini side­car. We only re­ally used the back brake when we were young. Can’t do that with a side­car at­tached – it turns 90º to the right, Phil and Robin went straight into the win­dow of a very pop­u­lar restau­rant!

Scooter model: Was orig­i­nally a re­place­ment frame; Nor­rie bought it from Dou­glas and built it up into a scram­bler. Date pur­chased & cost: Late 2016 – Nor­rie let me have it for the price of a night in the ho­tel at Cad­well Park. Time to build & by who: About five months, Hodge at Su­per­sprint Restora­tions did the body­work and all fab­ri­ca­tion, Dave De­laney built the mo­tor and run­ning gear. Spe­cialised parts or frame mods: The frame has been taken down to the stem and re­built by Hodge. I bought a Sc­itsu rev counter for it, Hodge loved it. Paint­work by: Hodge at Su­per­sprint Restora­tion. What was the hard­est part of the project: For me, wait­ing for the front disc to ar­rive from Italy. Any­one you wish to thank: Nor­rie Kerr for the frame, the en­gine and the in­spi­ra­tion. Dave De­laney for the en­gine build, the pa­tience, at­ten­tion to de­tail and not crash­ing it yet. Chris Gey­ton: For bring­ing us all to­gether. Hodge, and all at Su­per­sprint: For the amaz­ing work and all the great times. Vit­to­rio at Casa Lam­bretta. VE UK: the sup­port these guys have given to scooter rac­ing has re­ally raised the bar. Like­wise new spon­sors Sco­madi and Vespa Club GB. Fi­nally, my wife Jessie for her sup­port and for turn­ing a blind eye to all the in­voices that have been rolling in.

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