Scotch Whisky : 2019-10-11

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Tastings The Bottle price guide: £11-25 (US$17-40) £26-70 (US$40-110) £71-120 (US$110-190) £121-180 (US$190-280) £181 plus (US$280 plus) = == === ==== ===== CAOL ILA CARDHU 15 YEARS OLD 12 YEARS OLD Diageo Diageo Lyndsey Rob 59.1% Distillery Single Malt 40% ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Nose: Nose: Burnt almonds, prawn cocktail crisps and sticky toffee pudding. Plasticine. Pear drops, rosemary salt, aloe vera and sandalwood. Floral goodness. Earthy. Green tea. This is very fragrant and aromatic with a touch of iodine smoke, roasted figs and peppermint. Joined by a solid finale of chilli-salt roasted nuts. A distinctly perfumed palate. A creaminess of melted mozzarella appears with the addition of water. A hippy shakedown. Gentle and takes its time opening up. When it does there’s smoke and orchard fruit here, red apple dipped in honey. Rich egg yolk loaded custard and some wood tannins. Follows the nose quite nicely, still gentle and smooth, plenty going on with distant peat fires and those orchard fruits coming through. Blackberry compote sweetness and Ovaltine. Long and slowly dries. Solid. Plenty of body to this under its gentle first impression­s. Islay Speyside ===== ===== Palate: Specialist, Specialist, Palate: Worldwide Worldwide Finish: Finish: Comments: 8.7 8.5 Comments: Christophe­r Sam Nose: Nose: Shy and spirity. Pear drop and bisongrass. Blueberry and lime zest with some grapefruit juice. Faint dried mango. Aloe. Very elegant. Barely a prickle, despite the strength. There’s Canary melon, elderflowe­r and subtle gentian. Vanilla and under-ripe plum flesh, then Matcha tea. Swift and bracing. Like a strong breeze. Ends on a green tea. Quite green and unusual. Not quite sure what to make of it. A rather floral nose but otherwise quite gentle. Faint wafts of recently baked bread. Starts off sweet, with chocolate and malted barley. There’s citrus in there too, before tropical fruits, mango yoghurts and bananas. Vanilla and oak with a touch of savoury smoke. Satisfying length that remains sweet until the end. Does become a touch drying. Once the early gentleness of this one passes it becomes chockfull of fruit flavour. A good dram. Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: Comments: 7.8 8.0 Comments: CASK ORKNEY CHIVAS REGAL 18 YEARS OLD LTD EDITION XV A. D. Rattray Chivas Brothers Rob Rob 46% 40% ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Independen­t Single Malt Distillery Blended Nose: Nose: A tropical cocktail of a nose, but all in a stewed fashion. Strawberri­es, papaya, apples and pears and grilled mango. Toasted pine nuts with a little powdered chilli spice. Pretty much follows the nose. Plenty of fruit going on in here too, grilled nectarines, a touch of mint. Almond and apricot jam filled croissants. Toffee and cream sweetness builds. Sweet and long. A really interestin­g whisky, shows great depth. Full on maritime goings-on here, fishing tackle, crates of fresh fish, grilled shrimp with chilli honey and butter, a squeeze of lemon. There's almost an Oriental noodle dish note to this too, ground peanuts, fish sauce and coconut milk. Follows on from the nose, but now the smoke emerges. Beach bonfires and grilling fish. Saltine crackers spread with lime jelly. A little ashy, but not overly. One for an evening stroll on the beach, with a storm brewing. Islands Scotland ===== ===== Worldwide Domestic Palate: & GTR Palate: Finish: Comments: Finish: Comments: 9.0 8.7 Lyndsey Christophe­r Nose: Nose: Spicy. Well-charred crème brûlée with cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled liberally. Dried fruit notes emerge: apricots, with sultana and red apple. Perfumed. Heather and lavender. An interestin­g balance of silky-smooth mouthfeel with prickly green chilli. There’s clearly some grain of decent age here. Orchard fruits. Bitterswee­t, with brioche, fresh green apple and oak tannin. Slightly hot, but an interestin­g and punchy blend. Sitting at a harbour with vinegar soaked fish n’ chips. Cookie dough ice cream, pineapple, lime zest, toasted sesame oil and pecan pralines. Pineapple fresh off a charcoal barbeque with a sweet burst of lime juice, watermelon and kiwi. Finishes with last night’s bonfire embers, leather and sea salt flakes overriding the citrus. A sweet charred but distant smoke lengthens the finish. An intriguing dram, it keeps you guessing with every sip. Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: 9.2 8.2 Comments: Comments: 111 Scotch Whisky

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