Scotch Whisky : 2019-10-11

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Tastings The Bottle price guide: £11-25 (US$17-40) £26-70 (US$40-110) £71-120 (US$110-190) £121-180 (US$190-280) £181 plus (US$280 plus) = == === ==== ===== OBAN THE OCTAVE LITTLE BAY CAMBUS Diageo Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Lyndsey Lyndsey 43% 55.8% Independen­t Single Grain ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Nose: Nose: Tonnes of stone fruits. Peaches and apricots, key lime pie and a massive dollop of marmite. Hints of candyfloss grapes, passionfru­it and soggy Weetabix develop. Creamy and nutty with cereal milk, crunchy nut cornflakes with raisins and coconut flakes. Raspberry ripple ice cream sprinkled with marshmallo­ws and kiwi fruit. Espresso too. Oh so creamy. An early-morning coffee with a freshly baked almond croissant. Sugar-coated watermelon, oak-smoked ham and barbequed maple ribs with a sprinkling of salted popcorn, basil and beetroot chips. Butterscot­ch angel delight and torched heather. Leathery vanilla-infused treacle with blood oranges, grated nutmeg and crushed anise. Musky cupboard and chewed tobacco. A chalky consistenc­y with serious heat. Eating fresh green chillies whilst reading forgotten leatherbou­nd books Highlands Lowland ===== ===== Specialist, GTR, Worldwide Specialist, Palate: Palate: Worldwide Finish: Finish: Comments: Comments: 8.2 9.0 Christophe­r Christophe­r Nose: Nose: Lychee and bubblegum, cherry drops and sandalwood. Blueberry is joined by buttery bass notes, something mushroomy, and a pleasant sour element. Extinguish­ed vanilla candle. Balance of tropical fruit, especially ripe mango and papaya, subtle creaminess and wood spice is superb. Lovely perfumed element. Long, with chewy dried mango. This is an exceptiona­lly well put-together whisky. Neverthele­ss, a very fine dram indeed. Delicate. Paper and ink, it’s a newly printed magazine! Sweet cereal, Weetabix with brown sugar, and a touch of instant coffee. You’d never know this was 55.8%. The wet paper note is back, with chalkiness and vanilla oat biscuit. Then there’s pear drop, glace cherry and elderflowe­r. Medium length with sweet wheat. It's pleasantly spirity. An outstandin­gly elegant single grain whisky. Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: Comments: 8.7 8.6 Comments: OLD PULTENEY ROYAL BRACKLA 12 YEARS OLD 12 YEARS OLD Inver House Distillers John Dewar & Sons Ltd Rob Rob 40% 40% ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Distillery Single Malt Nose: Nose: Starts off all lovely and chocolatey and then moves more into the outdoors, ploughed fields and leaf mulch. Crystallis­ed ginger and green apple chewy sweets. Croissants and Nutella, icing sugar, lemon and lime jelly. More treats from the baker’s shop: choux buns and vanilla custard. Slowly dries with toasted almonds and a hint of cumin spice. Really well put together and feels lush and well aged. Boozy peaches, floral perfume, hot fudge, honey and vanilla madeleines. A little glacé cherry. Alcohol-soaked wood and dunnage. Mascarpone cream and almond Baileys. Coconut cake, chocolate praline, Victoria sponge cake. It gets very jammy. Carrots with sesame and honey. Cola cube and agave syrup. Orange cough sweets and a menthol edge. Dries with vanilla. Big and punchy. A good sipper. A lovely orange note too. Highlands Highlands ===== ===== Worldwide Specialist, Palate: Palate: Worldwide Finish: Finish: 8.2 8.2 Comments: Comments: Lyndsey Sam Nose: Nose: Rich, spiced notes of vanilla and cinnamon. A little oakiness and some sugary baked apples. Initially a little green. The apples have been baked into a sugar-coated pie with the edges caught in the oven. Towards the end, oak begins to grip and tannins come to the fore. Middling to long length with that oak note and some pepper. Drying. A pleasant sipper that shows its cask influence. Poached pears, caramelise­d sugar and mango sorbet with a sparkling cider finish. Metallic edge on the tip of the nose underlying salted butter and parmesan cheese. Definitely hitting the umami and bitter senses with parmesan, sautéed mushrooms and green tea leaves. Sugared almonds, coffee cake and barbequed tropical fruits appear over time. Waves of bitter tones and sweetness fighting against each other. Interestin­g flavours! Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: 7.9 7.7 Comments: Comments: 125 Scotch Whisky

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