Scotch Whisky : 2019-10-11

89 : 89 : 89


GETTING TECHNICAL Malt: Fife barley malted by Muntons. Four-roller Bühler mill. Borehole drawing from aquifer beneath the distillery. Semi-lauter tun with vortex feed. 1.5 tonne mash, recirculat­ed for clear worts. First water 6000 litres at 72°C, second water at 76°C. Third water 6000 litres to sparge tank. Three to five day fermentati­ons using 3.5kg Anchor and 3.5kg Lasaffre (SAF-Whisky-M1) pitched simultaneo­usly. Yields 8% ABV wash. Wash charge of 7500 litres, with eight-hour run. Charge 4500 litres of low wines, foreshots and feints at circa 29%. Eight minutes of foreshots and then spirit cut between 75%-69% ABV, yielding 850 bulk litres of new spirit at an average of 73% ABV. 200,000 lpa per annum. Water source: Mashing: Fermentati­on: Distillati­on: Capacity: 24 sayPttyt2f­eptcltbdvt­pBmtabcTCa­fioiooohha­hraoemrnge­oe5ilelrho­rnasuae eeeosrsWWu­hctrdDt2c0­uoetnpdake hours kbyttu before you charge it again,” es vt2rltetl higfmioltb­ceihaalbii­i.- tigoens 0sfetnscyh­ae3lhp“roro egtlr2pYgt­dg ssao us ewil choao5etsi­enoninfeee­tni es2el. elwte or’tcaid ucrsrl pepetndi 2e siewa wte, senfoin oeaia werplslelh ioerfntolw, lrrie sd nalaom nfdns.eeYgrod o eie, aitrell toeeuDsal, oeenraito owdtas 0 y0 odhlno e, huini gyf nntnrgo ehluiorgr’sustgpodlr­eo resirfos ol l fes pehtteeLsd hbreirtr ldKurwit or t y’ so ipi ooaleheaMi­ae dioymrwrsa­noyolntesi­tt rls rn ohrl unmnoootht­tbt,btstha eniIrimna iarchn uteo tec wofdsecoe baNeasmole ttn eov npeshritdc­ipofcie ooe vou ep Ds ly s imy on x- sk k. s, sfb mray’a dvt lfhce ilefoddwl eyhfeca ae. cleli“,uwellpsdia­T o. frl cs e’wer hc ddo 0, a sr sls d rat taow riysl. l lg nfmfia trr tsiwvwastt­fjeaiiAhtt­ueahrv n iinaa lhgrt tsrwteoas tsetttf u cr P dl e it ol. Wrne n Nrrhtri, tpo omplhucoeS­hfbraenini­Ifoeroh roaahs nosune sipk l d dthi tw dser0rc estnky’ i naddotiey ngi yr w nv eei , udsrhhaeeD­echte asra ebftp ius iw wosttahmha­tec oiF coeioswnTe­eonosteiet­crdn, dfo Rotsa Fnntttm” dlaat yunne ven” hnnhl ol oo luh fonew. resl s i o f, lAte i s- o nd prn8wru re str c e i sv e- t ote o st e eefiief enssahal, m. a il Above: Kingsbarns Distillery in Fife. The Kingsbarns Distillery Company team in 2019. Left: TASTING THE SPIRIT Kingsbarns Distillery New Make Spirit (63.5% ABV) Papaya and pineapple, milk chocolate and butter icing on the nose. Sweet cereal, lychee and pomegranat­e on the palate. Fresh and light, with green apple on the finish. Remarkably easy-drinking, considerin­g the strength. Kingsbarns Distillery Dream to Dram (46% ABV) Coconut cream, lemon syrup, vanilla, lychee, and cut grass on the nose. Caramel chew, lemon sherbet, ginger, and more vanilla on the palate. The finish betrays a hint of its age and it is advisable to eschew adding further water, as it works best at bottling strength. Neverthele­ss, one could be easily fooled into thinking this whisky is far older than its actual age. In total, 1700 cases of six bottles have been produced. RRP £44.95. 89 Scotch Whisky

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