Iguana go home! The 5ft trop­i­cal lizard found in a Bor­ders lay-by

Scottish Daily Mail - - TERROR ON THE TUBE - By Lucinda Cameron

WHEN work­man Steve O’Hara stopped for his lunch in a Bor­ders lay-by, it was per­haps the last thing he ex­pected to see.

As he gazed out a the coun­try­side some­thing caught his eye – a 5ft lizard only yards away.

The enor­mous rep­tile was a fully-grown green iguana nor­mally found in the trop­ics of South Amer­ica – rest­ing on a wall.

Coun­cil worker Mr O’Hara said: ‘I was driv­ing on the A702 be­tween Ro­manno Bridge and Blyth Bridge when I pulled in to have my lunch. As I sat in my van eating my sand­wiches I hap­pened to fo­cus on an ob­ject on top of the dry stane dyke, some six to eight feet from me, and I could see it was a very large lizard. I ap­proached it, gave it a gen­tle prod and found it was still alive, so I quickly emp­tied a large box from my van and put the iguana into it [then] onto the front seat of the van with the heat­ing on full blast.’

His quick-think­ing prob­a­bly saved the crea­ture, dubbed Iggy, from per­ish­ing af­ter he spot­ted it in Pee­b­lesshire on Tues­day.

As it warmed up, he called the Scot­tish SPCA and agreed to drive Iggy to nearby Broughton Pri­mary School to be picked up. Mr O’Hara added: ‘By the time the Scot­tish SPCA ar­rived the lizard cer­tainly had its strength back. It was a strug­gle to hold it. When I first picked it up it was cold to the touch and quite rigid.

‘I don’t think it would have sur­vived much longer in the winds and storms we had this week.’

An­i­mal res­cue of­fi­cer Dawn-Vale Low­don, who col­lected Iggy, said: ‘De­spite a few bumps, he was all right once he had been warmed up. He’s now be­ing cared for at our cen­tre in La­nark­shire. If no one comes for­ward we’ll keep him un­til we can find him a suit­able home.’

Iggy is thought to be an aban­doned or miss­ing pet. SSPCA chief in­spec­tor Fiona Hen­der­son said the her­bi­vores need spe­cial care, in­clud­ing UV lights and heat­ing for a vi­var­ium.

What a tail: Iggy the 5ft iguana

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