That’s stretch­ing it, Green God­dess

Scottish Daily Mail - - Jan Moir -

Last time I saw Diana Mo­ran, she was thwack­ing across a tele­vi­sion stu­dio in her gy­nae­co­log­i­cally frank leo­tards, en­cour­ag­ing view­ers to keep fit.

Known as the Green God­dess, Diana ap­peared on BBC Break­fast shows in the eight­ies, teach­ing us all how to do the Mon­key Stretch (don’t ask) and bunny-jumps be­fore break­fast.

She was al­ways ab­so­lutely jolly su­perduper; blonde and posh, all cut-glass vow­els and ef­fort­less mid­dle-class white priv­i­lege.

With her per­fect grasp of the Queen’s english and fault­less man­ners, Diana (right) would never get on the BBC now.

not in a mil­lion years! Un­less she had a walk-on part in a Joanna trol­lope drama, or Louis th­er­oux was despatched to make a slyly mock­ing doc­u­men­tary about her. now aged 78, Diana has popped up to crit­i­cise her old keep-fit ri­val Jane Fonda, sug­gest­ing the actress’s pun­ish­ing ‘go­ing for the burn’ aer­o­bic rou­tines have more or less crip­pled her. ‘I’m some­body that just thinks of more nat­u­ral things,’ she cooed at the Chel­tenham Lit­er­a­ture Fes­ti­val. ‘I was do­ing mod­er­ate ex­er­cise. Jane Fonda was do­ing all the other stuff, and she’s had hips and all sorts of things done.’ Miss Fonda (left) un­der­went a to­tal hip re­place­ment in 2005, just a few months after hav­ing a knee re­place­ment. Diana! You are so naughty. You can’t blame Jane’s star-jumps for her rack­ety hips — surely some women are more prone to joint is­sues than oth­ers? In­ter­est­ing to see that Diana still con­sid­ers Jane a ri­val, even if Jane still thinks the Green God­dess is a brand of tinned sweet­corn.


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