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I BOUGHT pelargo­ni­ums and no­ticed some flow­ers pro­duced seed heads. I saved them and won­der if th­ese are worth set­ting?

Mr G. Ham­mond. THE seeds are worth keep­ing. If you have a prop­a­ga­tor, you can sow them as early as Jan­uary. If not, wait un­til March. Sow seeds onto pot­ting com­post in a small pot. Cover with a thin layer of com­post, wa­ter with care and keep it warm and moist. The seeds should ger­mi­nate in a week or so. Prick seedlings out when large enough to han­dle. Plant in 7cm pots or a cell tray and keep them frost free, in good light. Flow­er­ing will be­gin from early sum­mer.

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