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Polly Pullar’s ex­posé on deer and traf­fic [Road Kill, April 2017] left me feel­ing a mix­ture of sad­ness and frus­tra­tion. Clearly some­thing needs to change, but it’s dif­fi­cult to see quite what that could be. Re­duc­ing the speed at which cars drive on roads such as the A82 is dif­fi­cult, and speed isn’t ev­ery­thing any­way (or the av­er­age speed cam­eras would have led to a de­cline in ac­ci­dents, which they haven’t). Find­ing a way to keep deer off the roads is equally chal­leng­ing.

I couldn’t quite be­lieve how many an­i­mals, as well as hu­mans get in­jured. I travel with my daugh­ter through Glen­coe to visit fam­ily and while I know the ex­act spot you pic­tured, I’m pleased to say that we’ve never hit a deer, although I had one very near miss in the dark on the A9. Per­haps it’s be­cause I’m with my young daugh­ter that I’m ex­tra cau­tious on the roads but sadly there are al­ways go­ing to be some peo­ple who drive so reck­lessly that they have no time to take ac­tion if a deer crosses the road.

Hope­fully Polly’s piece will make peo­ple aware of how beau­ti­ful yet deadly th­ese crea­tures can be. An­drew Mann, Fife

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