Q: I want to catch my first cod from Dungeness beach in Kent, so what is the best set-up for live­bait­ing a whit­ing?

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Tom English, RyE, EasT sussEx

PF says: Ev­ery winter, hoards of shore an­glers de­scend on to Dungeness hop­ing to catch a large cod. The method you want to try is used here and, on oc­ca­sions, it’s ex­tremely suc­cess­ful. gen­er­ally, a Pen­nell rig is all you need with a size 2 hook and a larger 6/0 ver­sion above it.

load a lug­worm or piece of fish (such as mack­erel or squid) on to the smaller hook and, hope­fully, a smaller whit­ing will come along and hook it­self. Then it’s a wait­ing game to see if a cod will ap­pear and en­gulf the whit­ing, along with the larger hook. of­ten it’s best to fish with two rods and use the live­bait­ing rod as a ‘sleeper’.

on the other rod, try fish­ing a Pen­nell rig with two large hooks filled with lug­worms and cut­tle­fish, as this too can bring suc­cess. Fish­ing dur­ing or just after a south-westerly blow is re­garded as the best time at Dungeness when tar­get­ing cod, but as it’s a pop­u­lar venue, so be pre­pared to find a space in the crowd.

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