Q: I’ve heard there are lots of her­ring be­ing caught locally by the bait an­glers. How would you tar­get them with LRF gear?

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nEil mas­TERs, Ply­mouTh, DEVon

AK & DS say: her­ring fill the gap that the mack­erel leave after the sum­mer. her­ring are fe­ro­cious eaters and, be­cause of their of­ten vast num­bers, will com­pete with one an­other for food. Ex­pect lots of ac­tion if you lo­cate a shoal.

i would fish for them as you would for mack­erel. you will need to fish the water col­umn to find these pe­lagic fish. Don’t keep your lure near the bot­tom un­nec­es­sar­ily. Pad­dle­tails and other small soft plas­tics will work if you can reach the fish.

if the her­ring are fur­ther out, it might be bet­ter to tar­get them with metal jigs. an­other rig that is great for pre­sent­ing a small lure at dis­tance is the caro rig, but spe­cial­ist items of tackle are re­quired.

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