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Thorn­back rays can be, and of­ten are, caught on al­most any type of bait, although crus­taceans and fish form the bulk of their diet.

Top choices for the species are in­vari­ably fish-based, with a long, thin, fil­let or chunk of mack­erel be­ing a pop­u­lar choice. Her­ring, sandeels, launce and al­most any other type of fish work well.

All types of shell­fish are very ef­fec­tive, espe­cially ra­zor­fish, clams and mus­sels.

Over rougher ground, espe­cially if fish­ing in coloured water within es­tu­ar­ies, a peeler crab is a very ef­fec­tive bait. Squid and cut­tle­fish will both catch plenty of thornies in most ar­eas. Worm baits, espe­cially king rag­worms (below), also work well.

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