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My choice is 40lb braid for ev­ery­thing. This is thin enough to cut through the water, and thick enough to re­sist abra­sion from the bot­tom and re­peated casting with heavy sinkers.

I hate los­ing fish and would pre­fer not to hook one than to snap it off. With the murky wa­ters in my area, thick­ness is not an is­sue any­way, so I only add a flouro­car­bon leader (22lb) when mov­ing to clearer ar­eas or when fish­ing com­pe­ti­tions (9lb).

This is the same line I use for ty­ing my rigs, with the ex­cep­tion of 30lb mono if tar­get­ing rays, which of­ten come in tail-wrapped, or 100lb mono if after tope.

It may sound crazy to be us­ing what is ef­fec­tively a light line, how­ever on a kayak, fish are brought up to hip height rather than the high gun­nels of a boat. As a re­sult, they are eas­ily landed by hand, and I don’t set my drag at even half of that pull.

40lb line suits me for al­most all my fish­ing

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