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I’m not a fan of fixed-spool reels for kayak fish­ing be­cause they take a lot of valu­able space and seem less prone to hold­ing up to the rigours of this fish­ing dis­ci­pline. I mainly use large lever-drag mul­ti­pli­ers for bait­fish­ing; reels hold­ing enough line that I can use in deeper water for tope if re­quired, and can let out enough line to hold bot­tom in fast, shal­low wa­ters when cod fish­ing.

In ar­eas with a smaller flow, or when trolling and casting, I switch over to bait­cast­ers, which hold far less line but are light, have a low pro­file and are very easy to use. I use the rod more to han­dle the fish when us­ing these, of course, as they do not have the power in the drag of the larger reels. I have even used, for fun, minia­ture mul­ti­plier reels and free-run­ning cen­tre­pins, but they’re not re­ally the ideal tools for the job.

Lever-drag mul­ti­pli­ers for bait­fish­ing (above), and bait­cast­ers for trolling (below)

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