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Pound for pound, pol­lack are one of the hard­est-fight­ing fish caught off our coast­line, es­pe­cially when taken on light tackle. Tra­di­tion­ally, pol­lack were not widely re­garded as a food source, their white flesh lacks the flavour of sim­i­lar species, but in re­cent years, thanks to the ef­forts of TV chefs, pol­lack has widely re­placed cod and had­dock. Not sur­pris­ingly, this has re­sulted in in­creased com­mer­cial fish­ing for the species.

De­pend­ing on lo­ca­tion, the av­er­age size of pol­lack caught off­shore is prob­a­bly be­tween 4-8lb, but in many ar­eas, dou­ble-fig­ure spec­i­mens are reg­u­larly caught, of­ten on a daily ba­sis. This is es­pe­cially so dur­ing the first few months of the year when large ag­gre­ga­tions of ma­ture fish con­verge over off­shore wrecks and reefs to spawn. At such times, it is pos­si­ble to catch fish over 15lb.

Boat record: 29lb 4oz/13.267kg, caught in 1987 at Dun­geness, Kent.

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