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The tra­di­tional rig for catch­ing pol­lack afloat is the fly­ing col­lar, or ver­sions of it. This con­sists of ei­ther a long, wire French Boom or, more likely, a plas­tic tubi-type boom slid­ing on the main­line or leader, fol­lowed by a small bead and ter­mi­nat­ing in a small, high-qual­ity swivel.

The hook­length is tied to the other end of this swivel, and is usu­ally clear mono be­tween 8-12ft in length. The hook or, more likely, lure is tied to the end of this.

If us­ing mod­ern spin­ning tackle as de­scribed above, the weighted shad is tied di­rectly to the end of the leader, dropped straight down to the bot­tom and wound back with a steady re­trieve.

If you are los­ing rigs in the wreck, it is pos­si­ble to at­tach the sinker with a weak link of line.

When fish­ing for pol­lack over reefs, some an­glers still use strings of up to six feath­ers, or their mod­ern equiv­a­lents. Th­ese are fished with or with­out bait.

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